Cryptorock Tour 2022 - Signaling for another 🇲🇽 proposal

Hello Giveth community!
I started a phase-1 advice process in the Gnosis forum for a proposal I’ve been preparing for the last couple of months where Giveth plays a very important role. I’m attaching a link to this forum thread and as always, your questions, feedback and criticism is more than welcome to help strengthen the proposal around Giveth’s needs. Have a great weekend! :slight_smile:


Great news!!

Our proposal in the Gnosis community made it through phase 2! I would like to take a step forward and ask the Giveth community:

Should Giveth co-participate as a sponsor in Necromorfo’s Cryptorock Tour 2022?

Participate in the soft poll

Hey chuy , I have been giving the proposal a pass although it is a proposal in Gnosis DAO , it mentions Giveth although I do not fully understand apart from the funding what role Giveth would take

I would like to better understand this part in addition to bringing a proposal following the guidelines of the giveth forum, in this way I can think for a correct vote.

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Thanks for this input @MrBear I went ahead and created another thread with the guidelines in consideration: