Giveth Sponsorship for Necromorfo's Cryptorock Tour 2022 - Proposal

Proposal description:
The mexican band Necromorfo will execute a tour in 14 different cities across the country. The main focus of the tour will be to onboard as many fans and communities as possible to web3. Giveth would be among their first new transactions, organizing $GIV tip parties for show attendees to donate to their favorite campaigns.

Proposal Rationale
After The DAOist and Entrando al Espacio Cripto, Giveth has gained a lot of presence within the web3 community in Mexico. This community however is very limited and centered around Mexico City. We want to fix this using music as a bridge with other communities, this is why we came up with an onboarding + rock show tour in 13 different cities and Mexico City as a 14th. With the support of Gnosis as a main sponsor, we would like to offer the Giveth community a co-participation in the project with a smaller amount TBD by the community. Giveth donations would be one of the first use cases for new users onboarded during the duration of this tour. We would also follow-up with engaged fans and suggest onboarding local fundraising campaigns to Giveth as part of the adoption efforts in these communities.

How funds will be handled and used:
A detailed expense report for the whole project can be found here. Something relevant to be pointed out is that we want to use some of the $GIV as an onboarding activity consisting in attendees’ donations to their favorite campaigns, contributing to efforts for minimizing sell pressure.

Delivery dates:
This proposal is to be executed between July 12th and August 12th. With approximately 3 months of post production for the documentary content. The project will cover the following cities in the specified dates and venues:

  • San Luis PotosĂ­ - 15 July - Rockabilly Bar
  • Monterrey - 16 July - TBD
  • Saltillo - 17 July - TBD
  • TorreĂłn - 20 July - Ojo de Tigre
  • Zacatecas - 21 July - Amsterdam Spot Bar
  • Aguascalientes - 22 July - TBD
  • LeĂłn - 23 July - La Llamarada Bar
  • Guadalajara - 24 July - C3 Rooftop
  • Toluca - 28 July - Foro LandĂł
  • Puebla - 29 July - Beat803
  • Queretaro - 30/31 July - TBD
  • MĂ©xico City - 4 August - Foro Alicia
  • San Cristobal de las Casas - 6 August - El Paliacate Bar
  • Comitán - 7 August - Black Sheep Bar

In case the community finds this proposal attractive, we kindly ask you to consider the timing of the planned tour when deciding on the amount of conviction you’ll support the proposal with.

Team Information (For Funding Proposals)

Team Members:
Chuy GarcĂ­a - Tour manager and onboarding steward
Necromorfo - Lead touring band and onboarding stewards
Rockoboy - Supporting band (little web3 experience)
Pajaros Vampiro - Supporting band (no web3 experience)
The Froys - Supporting band (no web3 experience)

Skills and previous experience in related or similar work:
I was the lead organizer for both events in Mexico City where Giveth participated as a sponsor.

Funding Information (For Funding Proposals)

Amount of GIV requested: WDYT?

  • Giveth should support with 5K
  • Giveth should support with 4K
  • Giveth should support with 3K
  • I don’t think Giveth should support this proposal

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Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred:

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Hey Chuy!

Thanks for the well outlined proposal.

I like the concept of tipping parties and getting people to donate the $GIV… but can you explain a little more of what that would look like? How do we know this won’t get just lost in the enthusiasm of seeing a concert?

Also what % of funds would be used for donations, and what % would be sold for funding the tour?

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@karmaticacid thank you Lauren! I hope this can bring some clarity to these aspects:

Necromorfo will create and distribute content that will guide fans through the web3 onboarding process as part of a “Get ready for the show” process. The idea is to onboard people prior to the event and as less people as possible on the spot.

How are Tip Parties gonna work
The Tip Party tool allows people to create and join rooms where there can distribute ERC-20 tokens in a number of networks, including Gnosis Chain. $GIV would be distributed this way with a live audience.

How much $GIV is being distributed in the tour?
After the success of our phase-3 vote in the Gnosis Snapshot we would need close to $3,000 USD to be able to complete the tour as planned. This means that the difference with the total amount that the community agrees on the vote (1K-2K) would go directly to distributions for donations. The band would also have a list of 5-10 suggested verified campaigns in Giveth and invite attendees to make their donations as we guide them through the transaction and how to be part of GIVbacks.

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Really cool @chuygarcia.eth ! My first web3 experience was also done similarly… with someone sending me crypto and showing me how to donate :slight_smile:

So in the pre-onboardings, basically you explain to people how to make a metamask etc.? On tough thing I’m seeing is that Giveth isn’t really so easy to use on mobile… and it might be a challenge to get people to bring their laptops to a rock show.

How much time will be spent with people showing them how to donate?

I really want this to work! I also think the coordination might be a bit tough.