Entrando al Espacio Cripto - Following up on Giveth presence in Mexico

Proposal Information

Proposal description:
Giveth participating as sponsors in “Entrando al Espacio Cripto”, an educational event happening in Mexico City based in the community around the “Espacio Cripto” podcast.

Proposal Rationale
After the success of Giveth’s participation in The DAOist CDMX, there’s another opportunity for participating as sponsors in a live event in Mexico City. This is an opportunity to follow up our presence as the Mexican community keeps advancing and engaging in web3.

Expected duration or delivery date (if applicable):
The event would take place on Saturday, May 28th.

Team Information (For Funding Proposals)

Chuy: Production lead for event.
@abrahamcr: Co-founder of “Espacio Cripto” podcast and content lead for event.
@lalocripto: Co-founder of “Espacio Cripto” podcast and presenter/host of event.

Skills and previous experience in related or similar work:
I lead efforts as head of production for The DAOist Mexico City. @abrahamcr and @lalocripto were also part of the organizing team for the same event.

Funding Information (For Funding Proposals)

Amount of GIV requested:
There are 3 tiers being offered. There is more information in the event pitch deck:

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred:


Soft poll for community signaling:
How do you think Giveth should participate in “Entrando al Espacio Cripto” event?

  • Full Node Sponsorship - $8,000 USD
  • Archive Node Sponsorship - $4,500 USD
  • Light Node Sponsorship - $2,500 USD
  • I don’t think Giveth should participate as a sponsor for this event

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Hey Chuy, thanks for the post, after reviewing the pitch deck and understanding the theme and topics of the conference I would like to ask how sponsoring this event aligns with Giveth’s mission - To build a culture of giving that rewards and empowers those who give - to projects, to society, and to the world.

Where do you think Giveth aligns with this type of event?


Hey Mitch! After The DAOist CDMX I observed two things around Giveth’s participation:

  • A high engagement with the community and great ideas for contributing to Giveth (some current contributors came across Giveth and its use cases at The DAOist)
  • A lot of perception around use cases for different campaigns and non-profit organizations that could use Giveth as their donations platform.

I’m convinced that events like this can directly benefit a scenario that favors good word-of-mouth in communities with constant fundraising needs. The Espacio Cripto event, being focused on entry-level users, can be a great opportunity for creating a good impression of Giveth and how it offers benefits that are unique, as well as attracting new contributors. At this stage of education and adoption in Mexico, Giveth is one of the best dApps to make an example of.
I have been using Giveth as an onboarding tool myself lately, distributing $GIV tokens to people and asking them to pick their favorite campaigns in Giveth for them to make donations, these being among their first blockchain transactions :slight_smile:

In the long run, the participation of Giveth in events like “Entrando al Espacio Cripto” can inspire communities to raise funds through the platform, helping advance our mission.


Building a culture requires consideration of diversity and inclusivity… I am of course pro-latam, and pro-women in blockchain, and pro-onboarding to cripto those who must overcome some accessibility challenges like language so from that perspective I"m a Yes to sponsorship of the event.

Additionally… The GIVeconomy really sparks something in people WHEN THEY HEAR about it… with our token in an ideal place for speculators to start buying it and donating it, more marketing and promotion is not only a good thing but necessary right now.

I don’t see the value in full node sponsorship.
And it’s not clear who will rep Giveth at the event.
I soft-voted for Archive, assuming we will have physical presence at the space.
If we don’t have someone(s) being the voice of Giveth there, I’d shift that to Light.


I can also see ticket prices come in at a hefty 10k MXN, making it more expensive than ETHcc and ETHbarcelona.

How does this consider making crypto more accessible? In addition to sponsorships, how are these funds creating the most value for achieving our aligned goals?

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Hey @mitch! Thanks for bringing this up. The ticket prices will be $200 MXN (about $10 USD) and they will be claimable in its entirety at the bar and restaurants they have in there. Currently the sale is open for Espacio Cripto community members and different groups of women in web3, including HER DAO contributors in Mexico City who have been doing an amazing job expanding their community. Ticket sales with its regular $200 MXN price will go out for the general public in a few days.

@Danibelle thanks for the support! We’d love to have some Giveth family get together in Mexico City again :blush:

I forgot to mention something important: we’re expecting at least 400 attendees with a maximum capacity of 600, all of who will be exposed to Giveth content :smiley:


@Danibelle @mitch @mateodaza @MrBear @ronnyux @karmaticacid @Griff

Thank you all for your support! Our event takes place this Saturday and since it may be too close to send somebody to rep, I think going for the light node sponsorship for $2,500 might be a better idea and we’ll be able to deliver easier unless someone thinks otherwise.
We’ll include the Giveth logo in our deliverables and I’ll be posting the funding proposal retroactively if that’s OK with everybody.

  • Let’s do it! Giveth will sponsor “Entrando al Espacio Cripto” with $2,500 USD
  • Something doesn’t look right, I’d like to take a second look

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The event was a success with over 500 attendees!! :partying_face: We will have an aftermovie soon to share with the community too :slight_smile:

With a current price of GIV being $0.09, I’ll be submitting a proposal requesting 28,000 GIV to cover for $2,500 USD of the sponsorship. I’ll be personally receiving the funds and sending them to the Espacio Cripto team for following-up on pending matters around the event.

We wanna truly thank the community for this opportunity of growing education around web3 in Mexico, we hope to see the Giveth crew visiting again soon :heavy_heart_exclamation: :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Thank you for providing an update on the event here :slight_smile:

Looking forward to the aftermovie!


Aftermovie is out! @Danibelle @WhyldWanderer @karmaticacid

Oh man… I want to watch it! But this is what I get when I try:

I’m very sorry! I forgot to post the new link!! @WhyldWanderer @Danibelle @karmaticacid