Feedback for Giveth from remarkable project owners! 🤩

Hey dear team! @JakeS connected me with Humberto and Anna from Urbánika, project owners and active members of our community. They were interested in sharing feedback for Giveth.

I wrote a post organizing the feedback into categories + the solutions they shared. (I loved their contributing spirit).

I found this feedback very accurate and knowledgeable as they both are not only active users of Giveth, but also big contributors of the Web3 ecosystem. They were with some of us at Devcon :dizzy:

Ik this may look long, but I think their feedback really worth the read :nerd_face:

1. Poor messaging behind Giveth

Urbanika is a very active project in both Giveth and Gitcoin platforms. They brought the example around community efforts happening at each Gitcoin Round (Twitter Spaces getting organized, Accounts adding “GR16” to their names,etc).

“Giveth lacks of a strong narrative as Gitcoin has in each GR”, they said.

I would interpret this more as “messaging/efforts behind Giveth rewards (GIVbacks) is poor and/or not enough”


Networking between projects. “Gitcoin doesn’t promote the grants. Coordinated communities promote GRs because they have a common goal: get more $”.

What about generating networking between similar projects for them to teamwork & promote GIVbacks rounds?
Ex - Giveth Verified Climate projects organized and tweet - “GIVbacks round is about to end, donate now to X and Y and Z and get rewaaards!”

We could organize simple Discord sessions to introduce projects with a common narrative (meet the makers?, a separated one?) . Is a great idea to strength bonds between the community, and monthly amplify the Rounds.

2. Static or not active projects on Giveth

They mentioned projects look like they don’t engage with the Giveth platform and therefore they abandon or stop using it. This is something that internally has being pointed out too - projects not posting updates has become a problem as MANY of them may loose their verified status.


Feedback sessions. They throw a great idea about having sessions with the Giveth team reviewing projects and throwing tips to improve them and receive more funds. This is cool bc attendees can participate, complement and drop ideas to improve too.

I believe we can easily implement this by organizing feedback sessions with projects interested in improving their pages with the incentive of receiving more funds.

3. Lack of knowledge around Giveth products/features

They noticed a lack of understanding or even ignorance around Giveth features: GIVbacks, staking & locking, etc.

The team always tries to communicate products/GIVeconomy as less technical as possible. Still we know, these are complicated concepts. Even for us, the Giveth team, is hard to understand sometimes.


They mentioned will be cool to organize themed sessions around specific topics. “Maybe people don’t know what GIVbacks are. If they knew more about them they will promote them and spread the word through their communities”

We’re starting to have “themed” sessions every two weeks at the same time slot of the AMA Giveth call. Some topics - “Verification process” & “GIVpower”.
This is a test to see if we can get more ppl involved w us.

4. Not attractive project pages

Smth that caught my attention was that they told me before having the resources to build their own website, they use their Giveth project page as their main page: all the info was there + the donation option, so it was perfect to send people there.

They mentioned the way in which project info is structured (as a looooong blog post) is not attractive.

What if there are other projects like this –with no resources to build a website– using Giveth as their main Website?


A great idea they told me was adding “Reviews” to project pages. Basically a “comment box” in each page, so that donors can drop comments around why they donated or why they love the project. Could be a great way for projects to engage with donors too, and a way to make pages less static.

Another one was having a “Donate at GIveth” API/button that they could add to their websites to take users directly to donate without having to enter to Giveth first .

And the last one was having a “badges” feature: With the objective of provide accountability to donors, they proposed a “badge” or “reputation token” that could be released by Giveth.

Ex - When X project achieve a specific goal , their donors will receive a badge saying: Thanks to your donation a 100 kids received education!" - Reputation social impact token here we go!

Would LOOOOOVE your comments, feedback, ideas, and thoughts around this feedback post.
@WhyldWanderer @Franco @NikolaCreatrix @Cori @karmaticacid @mitch everyone :purple_heart:

Thanks @JakeS for connecting them w me. I will now look for some other project owners to share insights and feedback to complement this post further.


We have so many things to explain, but from what I’ve seen and heard, there isn’t a huge turnout when we try to explain things to our users - AMAs, meet the makers, giveth 101 and other such things.

We know what to talk about, how to explain it, but how do we get people to show up and listen??

Some more pointed subjects:

I think the GIVAPI is in the works, it’s actually already indicated in our roadmap:

If you hold GIV or gGIV on Gnosis Chain you can vote on it here - Tokenlog · Token-weighted backlogs

I do love this idea - maybe projects could choose from a blank blog post format or perhaps from some pre-defined project “templates” that could add some rich features to their project page?

I love the idea of a commenting or leaving reviews on a project - I would be concerned if this becomes something that we have to continually moderate - how would be protect projects from abuse and slander?

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Good things take time. I would definitely urge you not to worry about it. This is bera market and its for #buidl


We’re already working in improving the project pages as well .
cc @tropicalmango
I thing is cool to keep track here of the improvements that are already happening so we can be aligned.

About the moderation, I believe would be good to implement a “approve comment” feature before posting, for us to review before showing in project pages cc @MoeNick wdyt?

Hey, yeah we have Project Discussion Epic that allows the users to comment on specific project’s updates and this affects the admin side for sure, we had some sketches but they did not have some priorities if you vote we can do it for sure.

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