General Magic Technical Services Partnership


GM! After having discussions with @Griff, @markop & @MoeNick, and following up on some of the austerity measures mentioned by @mitch, I’d like to propose an agreement between General Magic and Giveth, for Giveth to provide technical services to General Magic in exchange for payment.

This would allow Giveth to:

  1. Open up a new revenue stream for sustainability.
  2. Take advantage of “dead” time when things are less busy at Giveth.
  3. Keep the learning curve steep for the Giveth team, by exposing them to new and interesting impact DAO projects.

This would start with developers but may expand to other departments that have contributors with Giveth work agreements.

How much would Giveth get paid?

General Magic will pay Giveth at a rate higher than the amount charged for the individual contributor while taking 20% of the fees for sourcing and managing the work.

For example, if Giveth has a contributor working on a client project, General Magic may charge the client $60/hour, then once payment is received, General Magic would pay $48/hour to the Giveth treasury and keep $12/hour for overhead. If Giveth pays the contributor $20/hour, this would net the Giveth treasure $28/hr of profit.

How would this work?

  1. General Magic will propose projects to contacts within the Giveth team (heads of working groups and Giveth project managers).
  2. The Giveth team will then determine team capacity to take on projects and scope out the estimated commitment for each project.
  3. If Giveth has the capacity and agrees to take on a project, they will keep time sheet records for the number of hours worked on for each project (any support or maintenance work required outside of the initial scope will need to be re-submitted as a new project).
  4. At the end of each month, the General Magic accounting team will verify the hours worked, and send payment to the Giveth treasury.

Is there any committment?

Nope! General Magic will propose projects they need support on and the Giveth team (heads of working groups and project managers) have the freedom to reject any projects if they don’t have the capacity or don’t think they can deliver on the project.

What’s next?

  1. Opening up the agreement for comments. You can view the full agreement :point_right: here
  2. Get soft consensus on the forum
  3. Move to an nrGIV vote

Voting time :ballot_box: :point_down:

  • Let’s make it happen! :+1:
  • I have ideas, comments or concerns and will post below! :thinking:
  • Abstain :no_good_woman:
  • I’m against this :-1:

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Great idea Ahmad, thanks for thinking of it and proposing it!

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An awesome opportunity for the Giveth team (and the contacts acquired in the process will most probably help Giveth DAO as well) :rocket:


I also think this is a great idea. I am in full support, but I am not a developer so I would let the Devs decide. :slight_smile:


Hey @Griff @mitch @markop @freshelle I made an amendment to the General Magic Technical Services agreement (highlighted in yellow), which clarifies how Giveth contributors will work with General Magic for internal projects that General Magic requires (since the initial agreement only mentions client work).


Looks good to me. Anything else needed from my end?

Thanks! Nothing needed, just an FYI and for us to mention on the upcoming Governance call (for discussion).

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Thanks for this important update! My question for now is which Giveth wallet address should General Magic send the payment, and the token and chain (probably xDAI or other stable coin in Gnosis or Mainnet).

Ok, as discussed in the Governance call today, this is where payments shall go:

  • giv.eth
  • DAI on Mainnet

And I will take note what’s the nature of the service (development, comms, bizdev, etc) Giveth contributors are working on to properly account revenue streams in the future.