Giveth Core Team Compensation - April 2023

Proposal Information

Proposal description:

For April 2023, contributors were paid in stablecoins by Griff (xDAI on Gnosis, BOB and USDT on Polygon). This is a proposal requesting reimbursement.

Proposal Rationale:

Griff is a GIV maxi, and to facilitate the payments of stable tokens to our contributors while we still build a better treasury management system, he pays people in xDai and asks for reimbursement here. Hopefully this process will cause upward pressure on the GIV price as our contributors use xDai to buy GIV, instead of the opposite, where our contributors get paid in GIV and then sell the GIV to pay bills.

Also, while we sort out a streamlined process for payments, we believe this is the efficient way of paying people on time and without delay. Should there be better alternatives, your suggestions and feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Team Information

For this month, we paid 40 Giveth contributors. Details of the paid contributors are as follows:

With Role Proposals: Griff, Lauren, Mateo, Ashley, Amin, Mohammad Ranjbar, Moenick, Carlos, Kay, Alireza, Cherik, Ramin, Corinna, Almond, Jake, Suga, Giantkin, Claire, Nikola, Cotabe, Santi, Franco, Maryjaf, Toraif, Mo, Mitch, Marko, Rodri, Heather, Freshelle, Ahmad, Tosin, Yass, Moe Shehab, Nico, Algene

Under Trial Period or with pending Role Proposal:

Name Number of Hours Contribution/role/task
Brichis 24.44 Communitas, Development, Fundraising, DAO, Rewards, Giveth Events, GIVeconomy Development, AI April, Self-Development / WG independent / Misc

Very part time / project-based contributors (may not need Role Proposals):

Name Number of Hours Contribution/role/task
Brodhisattva 2 Security
Stee 4 Communications WG (Twitter) - Content strategy (fixed rate)
Judith 13 Youtube video proposal for new image

Please note that hours reporting can be freely accessed by any member in Coda.

Audit Adjustments

After doing some auditing, I have overlooked some hourly rates that are not updated. Some contributors’ had changes in hourly rates which were not reflected in the previous computation. For transparency purposes, the amount below will be included on top compensation cost for April 2023. To summarize, this is the breakdown of retroactive cost:

Month Amount
May 2022 762.72
Jun 2022 762.72
Jul 2022 283.30
Aug 2022 283.30
Sep 2022 283.30
Oct 2022 236.08
Nov 2022 384.28
Dec 2022 333.06
Jan 2023 427.18
Feb 2023 653.38
Mar 2023 (280.00)
Total 4,129.31

Funding Information

From February to April 2023, Giveth earned $5,399.74 from the technical partnership with General Magic (GM). This is the Giveth team who provided their services to General Magic: Ramin, Suga, Mohammad, Jake, Moenick

On a separate note, the compensation of GM members who works for Giveth goes to the GM wallet (this is indicated in each of their Giveth work agreements). Instead of Giveth receiving the revenue earned, this will be deducted from the amount that Giveth pays to GM contributors.

To summarize:
Total Giveth April compensation cost: $101,736.66
Less Feb-Mar Revenue earned from GM: $5,399.74
Add Retroactive cost: $4,129.31
Total amount requested: $100,466.23

As agreed here, we will be reimbursing Griff 50% in stables and 50% in GIV tokens.

Amount of stable tokens requested: $50,233.11 worth of DAI on Mainnet
Amount of GIV requested: $50,233.11 worth of GIV

The amount requested will be from nrGIV in GIV tokens at the spot price when the vote is created.

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred: 0x839395e20bbB182fa440d08F850E6c7A8f6F0780

Approve $100,466.23 Compensation Payment (April 2023)

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Approve $4,129.31 Retroactive Cost Payment

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Edited for the last time to add this:

I updated the amounts accordingly.

(1) The multisig transaction is up for voting here!

(2) nrGIV portion is up for voting here!

50,233.11 - DAI requested
GIV price - 0.0111427804904488
Block number - 28068280
50,233.11 Ă· 0.0111427804904488
4,508,130.627096 GIV requested