GivConnect! Giveth Galaxy Convergence @ DevConnect Istanbul

Event Title: Giveth Galaxy Pretreat 2023 and DevConnect Istanbul
Event Facilitator Name: Danibelle
Event Date/Time/Timezone:
November 6 through 12 - Pretreat
November 13-20 - DevConnect
More activities / collaboration events to be added

Venue Location: Classy Suites Taksim
Address: İnönü, Elmadağ Cd. No: 44-50, 34381 Şişli/İstanbul, Türkiye

Event Description:
Givethers of the Galaxy will converge in Istanbul next month for DevConnect, and it’s a great time and place for us to bring our family, and our family’s families, together.

We will unite for one week of Giveth workshops, local touring activities, and daily communing over the feasts to be prepared for us and shared with one another. We will accomplish great things.

The GivConnect Pretreat will conclude on November 12th, and Giveth contributors shift to focus energy on DevConnect events. Accommodations will continue throughout the duration of both GivConnect and DevConnect.


Please help us NOT OVERSPEND on lodging. We are renting a combination of 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, and 3 bedroom suites. I will do my very best to meet your needs for personal comfort and getting good nights’ sleep. To do this, I need to know what they are :slight_smile:


Of great importance is understanding how many rooms we can release sooner, so departure dates for each person are needed.

Flights and Shuttles:
If you haven’t yet, please - book your flights ASAP to keep costs down; and submit the receipts for event budget tracking. We will announce shuttle options for getting to your Classy Suite from the airport closer to the event.

Turkey has amazing food. We are not looking to bring in a chef, rather to find a person, team, or restaurant/s that can take on meal coordination and provisioning locally.

We are doing our best to arrange breakfast and lunch at a restaurant below the hotel, where we can meet and eat all together. There will likely be other restaurants or eating spaces that will cater for our dinners - more to come on this as we review menus and pricing.

Yes, you guessed it - this space will soon be populated by a form to consider the many options that I know you all will be providing below regarding What The Heck Are We Doing In Turkey Together?

:point_down: Reply below with your thoughts, suggestions, questions or concerns so we can consider and make some decisions.


Thank you for wrapping up all the info @Danibelle. Awesome work all you guys are doing to have an unbelievable experience in Turkey.

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This looks great!!! Thank you soooo much for putting this together!!! I support all of this and I’m so grateful for all the effort you have put forth.

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To give a little update on actual numbers so far!

We have a total of 51 people registered.
Based on arrival departure dates, this is a total of 646 room nights.
According to my guesstimates this means 13 double beds and 29 single beds.

If we calculate this at the $32 per night per person rate it comes to $20,672.
The current lodging contract is for $24,500.
This includes 13 rooms as follows:

  • (3) 3 Bedroom Suites
  • (7) 2 Bedroom Suites
  • (3) 1 Bedroom Suites

I’ve hacked through room assignments and it looks like we can cut (2) 2 BR’s and (1) 1BR - hopefully that will get us down closer to a tidy $20k.

OH YEAH, AND! They will accept Tether for crypto payment :slight_smile:


Our next GivConnect meeting is tomorrow - I look forward to seeing more of you there to share the excitement of this Giveth Galaxy Magic Gathering!!

We have a block of rooms reserved based on the initial estimates of 60 persons.

At count of beds requested in this form, I only have 25 heads assigned at this point… need your details to get actuals, please jump in and let me know where to put your pillow!

I’ve updated the form a bit to check on meal counts, gather shirt sizes, and made it so you can edit your responses - please get in there and give us the information needed to assign rooms, plan meals, and order swag!


Thank you so much for all this work, Dani! I already sent a reminder to some people for the call tonight. Hopefully, we can get more answers on the form. I’m happy to see the progress we’ve made for this activity. See you online later!