Giveth at ETH Barcelona 2022

Proposal Information

Proposal description:
This is a proposal for reimbursement for the ETH Barcelona expenses incurred. Giveth sponsored the event, thus Unicorns flew all the way to Barcelona to meet the team and personally shill Giveth. Personal expenses such as transportation and event tickets were reimbursed in GIV tokens by Griff out of his own pocket. The rest of the expenses were charged to Griff’s personal credit card.

As agreed during Governance calls, here is the guideline on the reimbursements:

  • 80% for full-time (30+ hours/week)
  • 50% for part-time (18-30 hours/week)
  • None for very part-time (less than 18 hours/week)

Proposal Rationale:
You can check this medium post for a recap on the talks, panels and the awesome Giveth booth!

Funding Information

Here’s a breakdown of the expenses:

Expense Amount in USD Amount in GIV
Swag 4,348.81
Stickers 985.99
Grocery 299.62
Booth 152.87
Accommodation 1,116.75
Transportation and Event Tickets 16,450.51 105,130.43
Total 23,354.55

Amount of GIV requested: 105,130.43 GIV tokens (Transportation and Event Tickets) + $6,904.04 worth of GIV for other expenses (amount will be at the spot price of GIV when the vote is created)

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred: 0x839395e20bbB182fa440d08F850E6c7A8f6F0780

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Approve ETH Barcelona 2022 Reimbursement

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  • No

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I had such a wonderful time with everyone!!
So many hugs, laughs, memories… it was my first ETH event <3

Thank you so much @Griff for making this trip happen for so many of us, making sure we all had a place to stay, cool swag to wear, and were met with a warm welcoming hug.
I would love to see you get reimbursed!


The vote is up here!

6,904.04 - DAI requested
GIV price - 0.0474698383356962
Block number - 23971402
6,904.04 ÷ 0.0474698383356962
145,440.56 GIV + 105,130.43 GIV
250,570.99 Total GIV requested