Giveth at ETH Barcelona 2023

Giveth’s Presence at ETH Barcelona 2023

:city_sunrise: ETH Barcelona 2023 is on the horizon!
The event will take place July 5th-7th.
Early Bird discount deadline is April 7th so we should move quickly on this one.

Last year was a hit! :rocket:
According to this poll, majority says we should do it again! We need to decide what our level of involvement will be for this year.

You can see all of the available options in this deck. I have pasted images for the two that seem the most doable for us at this time and these are the options that have been discussed most in the governance call as well at the discord thread.

Check em out! :point_down:

We will receive a 10% Discount because we bought the DoinGud membership last year!

We would like a booth… right?

I have sent a message to Manu to get clarification on whether or not we get a booth with the Impact organization option.

Once I receive clarification I will add a poll to this post and ping everyone so that we can get the application filled out ASAP. I have also requested an extension on the Early Bird discount as it will be impossible to pass an official DAO vote by April 7th. :crossed_fingers:

Who from our community already has plans to be there?

*Should we host Impact Quests again? What types of activities should we bring to the table? Lets get our creative juices flowing! :brain: :bulb:


Ahhhh it’s only 3 months away!

Thanks for the post Ash! This has been on my mind in the last weeks, the sooner we start organizing the better!

If we plan to do some activities with local non-profits for whatever we end planning I volunteer to get in contact with them, I already have a couple in mind.

And also because getting accommodation during July in Barcelona is crazy it’s good to start getting numbers to see how we can better use the Giveth house, excited to know who’s coming :heart_eyes:


I’m in, very excited for this year. To @Franco 's point I would like to fire up Impact Quests again for ETH BCN



I have received clarifying information about the booth situation.

It turns out that the Impact Area option is actually more like sponsoring a local Spanish impact organization to attend the event and it will then be branded as powered by Giveth. So this is not exactly what I thought it was and it does not include a booth.

So it looks like the Bronze Sponsorship is really the only option with a booth that is realistic with the market conditions at the moment.

Bronze Sponsorship 10k (9k with Discount)

Should we become a Bronze Sponsor?

  • Yes! The value that the booth brings is worth the cost.
  • No! Giveth cannot afford this option.
  • Abstain

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Again, its not my intention to pressure anyone, but we really need to act fast on this if we want to receive the Early Bird discount. :bird:


@mitch - What is the governance process for fast-tracking this if the above poll shows support?

Actually it says on the pitch deck the early bird perks are as follows:

it’s not a discount - we just might get 1 less free ticket than we could have. I don’t really understand the second point.

If this is all and there isn’t an actual price discount I don’t feel great about rushing the process. We’ve been very careful with how we spend funds lately so to push this through without giving people time to think might be irresponsible.


I think the second point is that we get to pick where the booth is before other groups.

I think it makes sense to support ETHBarcelona and get a booth.


Hey friends! We decided then the only viable option to get a booth would be a bronze sponsorship, I coordinated with @WhyldWanderer @Griff to get our contract signed in time for the early-bird perks. Here is the invoice:

Griff paid this amount already to secure our spot. Here is the transaction:

Following a shortened advice process we will proceed with a Snapshot vote looking for approval to go ahead with the sponsorship and subsequent reimbursement to Griff in stablecoins.


Vote is up!

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I think ETHBarcelona is one of the most important events when it comes to the social impact of Ethereum. That’s why I think it’s a must to have a presence there, and even better if Giveth can set up a booth.

And Ash, your idea for Impact Quests is awesome! I’m all about actions that make a difference locally, but also have a bigger impact overall. I know the quests would mainly affect Barcelona, but I can’t help thinking that people from all over could participate remotely and still make a difference in their own communities during a certain period of time. Kinda like what you did with the remote impact quests in Denver. :thinking: I hope that makes sense :sweat_smile:

I’m applying to be there as a volunteer, so crossing fingers I see you there :crossed_fingers: