Giveth & DoinGudDAO membership

Proposal Information

Proposal description:
DoinGud, is going open source and launching our protocol. With the protocol, we are building the infrastructure for Decentralized Impact, enabling anyone to participate in the decentralized funding, governance, and validation of impact.

The launch of the protocol will also come with the genesis of the DoinGudDAO. Leading up to the protocol and DAO launch, we are launching a membership program, both at the community and individual level.

For more details see attached deck:

DoinGudDAO Membership

For the community memberships, DoinGud looks to share value through:

  • Collaboration on future events (priority sponsorship tiers at a discount).
  • Amplified exposure as a community for good (recognition on website and social media). We will also share resources and create more awareness about what Giveth is building to be amplified across our DoinGud socials.
  • A dedicated number of seats in the DoinGudDAO
  • A sizable discount and allow list access for all of the Giveth community members to the DoinGud individual “Gud Souls” membership NFT sale upcoming

Top 3 represented communities in the DoinGudDAO (based on the value of memberships purchased), receive dedicated video content from the DoinGud team.

Proposal Rationale
We have already multiple teams committed to joining this consortium for good (Livepeer, DreamDAO, Gitcoin, Plastiks, Radar, vEmpireDAO, herDAO, Admit One (Gmoney) and more).

We would love to have the Giveth community take part in shaping the DoinGudDAO. Together through proposals, working groups, and community calls, members will guide the cross pollination efforts between mission aligned projects utilizing the protocol.

Expected duration or delivery date (if applicable):
Pending a successful proposal additional next steps would be:

  1. Elect Community Membership Tier (supply limited, first come- first serve)
  2. Sign Community Membership Agreement
  3. Send funds (address to be provided in the agreement link)
  4. Send Ethereum wallet addresses to be included on the Allowlist for the “Gud Soul” Membership NFT Sale
  5. Send the Ethereum wallet addresses of your representatives that will occupy the seats of the DoinGudDAO

Skills and previous experience in related or similar work:
Previously the Giveth community came together to sponsor ETHBarcelona. Thanks to this sponsorship the event was a success and a model for future Ethereum and Blockchain conferences that wish to lead with sustainable practices.

We believe many of us are creating different pieces of the puzzle that will help us solve humanity’s problems. Let’s collaborate and put our pieces together <3


Hey, there, thank you so much to Giveth for taking a read of this proposal. I am Wendy and have been with DoinGud and its pre-cursor, FightPandemics, from its start.

I’m old skool, :woman_mage: Whatever I have come to understand about Web3forGood a lot of it I learned over the past 2 years from speaking with Ashley, Cotabe, Griff and Santi. Giveth has been a friend to and a beacon for DoinGud. They have always held a shared perspective on the future of giving and maybe that has been the seed for the long-standing friendships.

The future of giving, for which Giveth has set the pace, will be further enabled by the Web3 tools that DoinGud will release very soon. For folks unfamiliar with our history…in Q4/2021, DoinGud launched its NFT marketplace where each and every NFT sale results in a donation streamed directly to an authenticated social impact project. Great for creators and impact projects alike.

The next set of tools will put the power into the hands of the projects and the creators themselves - moving DoinGud out of the centralised role. These tools will enable any positive impact user/project to raise and allocate funds, track and authenticate impact, and govern their own DAO.

In our previous conversations with Giveth we have identified two or three natural collab opportunities. The launch of the DoinGudDAO and release of the tools will make these collabs much easier (I believe).

This next step is our effort to move forward to blockchain4good movement. We would love to share with Giveth this next phase of the journey :heart_decoration:


:trophy: So happy to see the DAO opening is happening!
I would love to hear the Giveth community sentiment around memberships/Tiers and the offered value.
As a side note, to amplify the DoinGud DAO launch, could be a good idea to organize some community/comms activities together (Twitter Spaces, Community/virtual sessions/ AMA, panel, etc). DAO partnership regarding community/comms actions can be further discuss.
Congrats again


Would definitely love to have the Giveth family part of the DoinGud communities for gud!

@OyeAlmond yeah let’s definitely do that for sure.


Thanks for the post! I love the detail and would like to help gauge community sentiment on this proposal. Generally we like to use polls to get some soft-signals before a proposal moves forward. I’ll help you out here :wink:

Should Giveth invest in a DoinGud Community Membership?

  • Yes, TIER ONE!
  • Yes, TIER TWO!
  • Yes, TIER THREE!
  • No, I have comments or concerns and will comment below.

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This proposal is now up in the GIVgarden:

The conversion of ETH to GIV at the time of the proposal creation


Excited to get to know the DoinGud DAO crew as well as to enjoy collaborations in aligment with the same core values. You have my full suport in the gardens…

Your presentation in the last communiuty call was great and I appreciate the chance to see and hear from some of you. :slight_smile:

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Heyyy dear community!
The DoinGud proposal is on, Giveth is official an DoinGud program member!
The team would like to know who from the Giveth team will like to be in DoinGud’s allowlist?

Meaning you’ll have the opportunity to enter to the private sell of the DG NFTs with a discount.
Please put your wallet addresses bellow if you want to be included! :point_down:t3:


me! karmaticacid.eth :smiley:


I find this is an intriguing option as well:

Can we add all GIV holders?
Seems like a great opportunity to reward token holders as well as provide some good comms pieces… wdyt?


Me please 0x6D97d65aDfF6771b31671443a6b9512104312d3D

Plus, what @WhyldWanderer said.


You may certainly add all GIV holders! This is actually what we’ve seen many communities with tokens do (gitcoin, livepeer, etc). This way it is very inclusive sharing the opportunity to the most people in the community - while still of course not needing names/emails or obligating anyone to purchase the Gud Souls tokens that don’t want to. This way also prevents the scenario if people maybe missing the pre-sign-up request now, and then not being able to update/add into the allowlist later when the opportunity is live.

Of course if you’d like to do pre-signups rather than putting all GIV holder wallets on the allowlist that is totally up to you!

We do ask for the wallets for the allowlist by this coming Wednesday Nov 16th at the latest to ensure it is all ready in time for go-live on Nov 22nd!

Thanks all!!! Again so thrilled to continue collaborating forward!


Thank you for your guidance @andrewk :smiley:

@WhyldWanderer curious if we want to add all GIV holders to the allowlist, as we are running out of time? I think is a great idea!

Could you share the addresses to the DG team? Or we will need some advise support from someone else from the team?

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I’m looking into the easiest way to pull this list now.

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Okay… here is a list of all GIV holders, gGIV holders, and LP token holders

You can find a tab for each token but the first tab labelled “All” has all wallet addresses with duplicates removed.


Thanks so much @WhyldWanderer !