Giveth Season 3, Begins

Giveth Working Groups are entering Season 3! We’ve got a fresh batch of Proposals from 5 Working Groups (WG). The Working Groups are:

  • Quadratic Funding :abacus:
  • Dapp :computer:
  • GIVeconomy :giv:
  • Fundraising (new) :moneybag:
  • DAO Ops :classical_building:

What’s a Working Group Proposal? :thinking:

Working Group Proposals (WGP)s serve as both a retrospective and an outline of the objectives of a Working Group. They provide critical context on things like:

  • Status of deliverables from the previous season
  • Previous season metrics and KPI results
  • Previous season spending analysis
  • Deliverables for the upcoming season
  • Expected budget for the Working Group

Deliverables in a WGP are divided into 3 possible scopes: GROW, SUSTAIN , SHRINK

GROW outlines the most ambitious scope for a WG, and thus usually requires the highest budget

SUSTAIN keeps the scope the same for a WG, with perhaps a few new things, with a moderate budget

SHRINK decreases the scope of the WG, and has a minimal budget

To learn more about Working Groups and GIVernance you can refer to these articles in our docs:


This Friday (March 29) a Snapshot vote will be created using a WEIGHTED VOTING Strategy

The 5 options to vote on will be each Working Group. You will be able to vote by weighing in what order we should prioritize each Working Group. The highest Working Group will receive a mandate of GROW automatically. Each subsequently lower ranked Working Group will have it’s budget prioritized in order of the voting results constrained by the total Season budget for Giveth.

The total budget for this Season is ~$300,000 USD.

Voting on Snapshot will count your voting power based on the GIV you hold in your wallet and have staked in GIVpower on Mainnet, Gnosis Chain & Optimism. It will also count the rGIV you hold in the Optimism rGIV DAO towards your voting power.

Keep an eye here as the link to the Snapshot vote will be posted in this topic.

The Proposals

Here are the links to the 5 WGPs:

Iterating Giveth Governance

Working Groups and Seasons are an iterative Governance process at Giveth started a loooong time ago.

Circles Accounting and subDAOification
SubDAOification: Recommendations and a Path Forward

Feedback, comments and questions are welcomed, especially around how this current Season’s processes. We’re always exploring on how we can be innovative yet practical in governing the Future of Giving.


Giveth community, as the newcomer here, it only seems hospitable of you all to put Fundraising WG as #1 :wink:

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I was kind enough not to put you on the bottom, but if you want that top spot you gotta earn your stripes old man.

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Already voted on the proposal :raised_hands:

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@mitch it’s a great conclusion. I have one feedback that may be useful for next quarter and generally for governance: (I know it’s too late and according to Griff may not be worth the time for this quarter)

1- Financial Planning
All the “Season plannings” we had so far, are around budgeting and they were expenditure-driven. In planning in general most orgs separate OpEx and CapEx. I mean some expenditures are investments for better good, and some expenditures are mostly for operations and keeping the business as is.

There are some financial ratios based on the field and the industry of a business that can be used as the north star for the health financial of any org. Im pretty sure there are some examples even in our industry that we can follow. for-example I love to know how much Investment we had last year in comparison with other web3 companies. The ratio of expenditure we had on HR (salaries) is too high or low? or the ratio of the marketing expenditure on total expenditure, how is it in comparison with the others?

The total budget also comes from a decision that as a DAO member I’d love to know why this amount has been chosen.

In general, it’s good we have some financial statements so we can do the analysis of statements and do some financial planning, and budgeting will have meaning under the financial management.

2- Cross WGs Impacts
tbh, I think as DAO member I can’t understand which of these working groups has more impact on realizing the goal of this season. For example, QF had a strong impact on realizing the DApp KPIs like the number of donations and verified projects. I guess I voted to sustain for QF last season, If I knew how impactful it is, I would vote on grow.
Another example is that I think Fundraising WG is acting as an income generator for the whole Giveth and helping us pay salaries. The DApp expenses itself is so dependent on the strategy of other WGs.

I think we should help voters to understand the impacts to make better decisions.

3- WG Proposal Format

  • Give me money to do the recurring donation.
  • OK, what is the value of this feature?
  • We will have a grant that covers some expenses and will make X amount of donations.
  • Can’t we do that amount of donation with a paid marketing campaign?
  • Maybe we can but we already won the grant.
  • OK it’s fair.

Next Quarter:

  • Give me money to do verification.
  • OK did you make that amount of donation happen for recurring donations?
  • No we covered it without recurring donation. Now the verification is more important.
  • Ok what is the value of the verification feature?
  • We won a grant and we will save some money in operations.
  • OK it’s fair

And the next quarter we forget about the promised value of recurring donations and verification, and the KPIs may be covered by for example QF boost.

I mean I can not find any data to rely on to judge a WG Proposal or to judge my previous decisions.

I’m voting on this right now, and I’m finding actually the weighted voting thing to be a bit tough for making this decision.

I know what things I think we should do or not do in each WG… but there seems not an easy way for me to really say that in the vote… beyond which one I want to put as “top” to have “grow” on :thinking:

This will be great to role through for Season 3, but I think then we should reassess the final voting mechanism… at least once we see what the budgets will be.

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I voted and I still did not get that whether we do allocation or only sorting.
I played with % based on the current expenditures of the WGs , but I could not do the impact comparison. cause I could not compare the budget comparison of different scenarios.

The snapshot vote ended April 5 and here was the final ranking of WGs:

  1. Quadratic Funding
  2. GIVeconomy
  3. Dapp
  4. Fundraising
  5. DAO Ops

On the GOV call today April 15 we looked at the voting results and negotiated the scope of each WG for Season 3, those are:

  • Quadratic Funding - GROW :arrow_up:
  • GIVeconomy - SUSTAIN :arrow_right:
  • Dapp - SUSTAIN :arrow_right:
  • Fundraising - SUSTAIN :arrow_right:
  • DAO Ops - SHRINK :arrow_down:

In this current setup we’re estimated to spend ~$329k, approximately 10% over our maximum budget.

Check out this spreadsheet to compare how each proposal’s budget adds up: WG Voting Simulator - Google Tabellen

Season 3 will go from April 5 until July 5 2024. We’ll be discussing how we can make this process even better in the following months.


Hey team, one thing we didn’t consider on our GIVernance call with Shrinking DAO Ops is that we will stop doing Praise rewards and any further reputation distribution. Let’s consider if this is what we’re willing to cut.