GIVgarden Loan for the nrGIV

Following some hot discussions on Platform fees and revenue streams I decided to take a look at the status of our nrGIV treasury and see if we’re going to run into some issues. :grimacing:

And sure enough we might!

According to our reimbursement scheme for monthly contributors we are sending GIV to @Griff to cover the salary and operational costs of our current contributors. With the decline of the price of GIV we are burning through immense sums of GIV per month, the nrGIV treasury is set to run out of funds near imminently. :hourglass_flowing_sand:

Current Status of nrGIV Treasury

You can find the nrGIV treasury here: :mag:

and more specifically all transfers in and out of the treasury in the block explorer:

The nrGIV treasury is set to claim a total of 80 Million GIV, it receives GIV progressively over the full course of the GIVstream. You can see at the link above it claims about 1.33 Million GIV monthly from the token distro (GIVstream).

As it stands with current GIV prices we’re spending about 2 - 3 Million GIV monthly in reimbursements for our day-to-day operations, including salaries and service subscriptions.

Also if we’re planning on giving out rewards from the Praise system they would probably come from this treasury as well…

What I propose

We need to decide a course and take action soon!

As I alluded my proposal would be to take out a loan from the GIVgarden to continue with our payment scheme. Something to the tune of 15 - 25 Million GIV. The GIVgarden currently holds ~80 Million GIV and will receive a total of 330 Million GIV over the course of the GIVstream.

We can take this GIV directly out of the GIVgarden treasury using a Tao(Decision) Vote. We can set a repayment schedule directly using the Finance App in the nrGIV DAO - I would propose we begin repayment 1 year from now, repaying 10% of the loaned amount monthly, concluding in 10 months with full repayment.

What are the effects?

Taking out such a hefty sum will have a significant impact on how we’re able to fund proposals in the GIVgarden. It will effectively be much harder, but not impossible to pass proposals, but perhaps that’s a better reflection of our current situation. We can also adjust our Gardens parameters if we so choose.

I also drafted some simulations on how much “runway” we could acquire from certain sizes of loans.
I assumed a few parameters:

Current GIV price: $0.03
Monthly Price Decrease: 5%
Current Monthly Expenses: ~$120,000
GIVgarden loan happens BEFORE October payment

You can see the projections below, when the “Holdings” column goes negative that essentially means we would run out of funds the previous month.

Loan 15 Million GIV

Payment Month Holdings Incoming Outgoing
September 2558000 1333333 4000000
October 14891333 1333333 4210526.315789474
November 12014139.684210526 1333333 4432132.963988921
December 8915339.720221605 1333333 4665403.119988337
January 5583269.600233268 1333333 4910950.652619303
February 2005651.9476139648 1333333 5169421.739599266
March -1830436.7919853013 1333333 5441496.567999228

Loan 20 Million GIV

Payment Month Holdings Incoming Outgoing
September 2558000 1333333 4000000
October 19891333 1333333 4210526.315789474
November 17014139.684210524 1333333 4432132.963988921
December 13915339.720221603 1333333 4665403.119988337
January 10583269.600233266 1333333 4910950.652619303
February 7005651.947613963 1333333 5169421.739599266
March 3169563.208014697 1333333 5441496.567999228
April -938600.3599845311 1333333 5727891.124209713

Loan 25 Million GIV

Payment Month Holdings Incoming Outgoing
September 2558000 1333333 4000000
October 24891333 1333333 4210526.315789474
November 22014139.684210524 1333333 4432132.963988921
December 18915339.7202216 1333333 4665403.119988337
January 15583269.600233264 1333333 4910950.652619303
February 12005651.947613962 1333333 5169421.739599266
March 8169563.208014696 1333333 5441496.567999228
April 4061399.640015469 1333333 5727891.124209713
May -333158.48419424426 1333333 6029359.0781154875

Fork and see for yourself.

You can also fork this spreadsheet and play with the parameters or enter your own custom loan amount to make your own conclusions/proposal.

I would point out that the current reimbursement scheme is not great. We are indebted to @Griff in more than just GIV tokens and really the scheme is something symbolic but it’s important that we keep up this in some part to have some way of keeping account of what we owe to him (in tokens).

Hopefully in the future we can not only make this repayment to the GIVgarden, cover our own costs and begin buying back GIV from @Griff to repay our debt.

I’m open to other suggestions but at this point we should decide what we are going to do before we run out of GIV in the nrGIV Treasury and our reimbursement scheme comes to a screeching halt.


Borrow 15 - 25 Million GIV from the GIVgarden
Repayment starts in 1 year, pay back 10% monthly

Let’s have some signals

How much should we borrow?

  • Let’s loan 15 Million GIV
  • Let’s loan 20 Million GIV
  • Let’s loan 25 Million GIV
  • No loan, or I have a different idea/amount
  • Abstain

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Thanks for looking into this @mitch. This is a very important topic for the sustainability of the Giveth DAO.

Unfortunately, any of the options give us more than 6-7 months of runaway, so I’m voting for 25 Million GIV.

I think that our shift of focus toward fundraising is good. But this makes me think that it’s imperative when asking for ecosystem grants from blockchains, we should ask for some money to create LPs, but also some money for the DAO or reserve the right to use a part of it for the DAO. I would stay clear of saying we ain’t never going to sell.


Following the GOV call 07/11/2022 @Griff mentioned another alternative - to straight up request the amount from the GIVgarden with no promise of repayment.

For some further signal refinement in whatever amount we choose should we do a loan or a straight up request for transfer? This will move to snapshot for GIV token holder yes/no voting.

Loan or Transfer?

  • Loan
  • Transfer
  • Abstain

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