Impact Stories, a one hour podcast to deep-dive into changemaker minds from our community

Proposal Information

Proposal description:

Impact Stories, a deep-dive into changemaker minds from our community.

1-hour podcast to be distributed on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube, etc.
30-second clips to be posted on Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter, etc.

Weekly interval.

12 episodes to get started and then we’ll see if we want to continue.

Proposal Rationale

Today, when I want to donate to positive impact projects on Giveth or other platforms, it’s very difficult to choose which ones to support. The short descriptions on their profiles are often not enough to understand the complexity behind.

I want to take the time to talk about…

What drives changemakers?
How do they stay motivated in the face of adversity?
How are they different from the rest of us?
How do our values connect?
What can we learn from them?
How would the world be if this project didn’t exist?
Would people’s lives be better, worse, or the same?
What is the real impact of their projects?

I think the best format to do this is a pre-recorded podcast. Like this, we can have better quality audio/video, we can edit the final recording to remove fluff, and we can repackage the content for different platforms.

Asking good questions requires understanding of the subject matter and active listening. When we invite a live audience to ask questions after briefly presenting a project, they more often than not haven’t done a lot of research into the topic being discussed and tend to ask superficial questions.

The way Twitter Spaces works today, your recordings are deleted after 30 days. And even if they weren’t, the platform is not designed for discovery of older content. It’s all about the now, the scandal of the day, the fomo. You do not get recommendations of similar content like in Spotify or YouTube, you can not create playlists, etc. Therefore, over the long-term, your content reaches less people than it could.

I’d like to create content that’s a bit longer lived and that will still be interesting in a few years from now. I want the audience to gain a richer understanding of who theses changemakers are, why are they doing what they’re doing, and how they will positively impact our lives.

Team Information (For Funding Proposals)

Name: Pauline
Discord: PôpLine#9450
Github: Popeline5
Twitter: Poplinecreation

Skills and previous experience in related or similar work:

My name is Pauline, I discovered Web3 in 2019 by drawing an avatar for a bounty proposed by GitcoinDAO where I earned my first ETH. I’m the founder of a social impact project called SolidarityCard which is a web-of-care to reconnect humanity and take us from competition to collaboration. I really like how Giveth changed the paradigm of donation by giving back and I’ve been very impressed by the efficiency of your meetings. I have ample experience as both host and guest in Twitter Spaces, so I understand how it’s like from both sides. I have also previously created a podcast, being in charge of all aspects of pre, production, and post.

Funding Information (For Funding Proposals)

Amount of GIV requested:

1920 xDAI for 12 episodes.

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred:


More detailed description of how funds will be handled and used:

  • Research
  • Logistics
  • Interview
  • Editing
  • Equipment
  • Services

Hey there Pauline… good to see you over here in the forum!

Im really loving the idea of project interviews

  • giving donors an avenue to get to know the projects better
  • giving project owners the opportunity to share the work they are doing with the world, and
  • and creating some great content for Giveth while working to collect the success stories that will give us an edge when promoting Giveth as well as our mission and vision.

Here are a few thoughts that I have when I read the proposal:

  1. I think weekly is too often. I think in order for efficient comms management and to build the hype between episodes, we could consider doing something monthly.

  2. I would love to see some examples of your previous work before we commit to 12 episodes. 12 episodes feels like a lot… if we did it monthly, that would be 1 year of episodes. It would be nice to try 1 or 2 episodes first. Once we see how it turns out, we can review the results of the first ones and decide the best way to move forward with a few more episodes etc. Maybe we can chooose to increase the release rate at that point as well. It would give you a good idea what the estimated amount of work for each episode is and ensure that you are rewarded fairly.

  3. Are you doing the work solo or do you have a team? 160.00 per episode seems high at a first glance but Im not entirely sure what it takes to produce and episode. Can you clarify the budget of the funding request? It says equipment, does this mean you need to purchase equipment? or rent it?

Those are all of the questions I have right now… I remember when you first came into the AMA session looking for ways to contribute. <3 Its great to see that you have found an avenue that you feel passionate about. I think it will bring great value to our community.


Hey @Popline!! I have some feedback and comments,
Agree with @WhyldWanderer 12 episodes sound like a big delivery, I will also suggest to reduce the number of deliverables and space them more. Maybe 6 episodes? As we also need to coordinate comms from our end

An entire hour dedicated to 1 project can be too long, specially because not all projects have the background to cover it. I will suggest to have a 30 min podcast, or to have an open time discussion to have more freedom around the conversation from both ends.

There’s also another Giveth proposal running around the same type of content creation, will be good to coordinate to make sure the interviews cover different project. Giveth team should also guide projects selection I believe

I would also love to see some of your work , to have a more clear idea around the prices as Im not sure if you already count w the equipment and services you’re mentioning in your proposal , Maybe we can have a more detailed description of the process and/or team? I agree the cost vs the deliverable as they are now feels vague / high


Thank you so much Ashley and Almond for your really interesting questions. I’m sorry for the long time to answer, I took this time to be as precise as possible based on your feedback. Making a proposal to a community is challenging for me, but it teaches me a lot. :pray: :pray:

Show Name = Impact Stories
Show Description = A deep-dive into changemaker minds from our community
Show Host = Pauline de Mortain
Episode Frequency = Every 2 weeks
Episode Length = Variable
Number of episodes: 12


  • The distribution schedule and the production schedule are not necessarily linked. I can deliver episodes and comms can distribute one or a series of episodes whenever they want.

  • Duration of episodes, why a long form? It’s to avoid superficial promotion of a project that we too oftentime see in Web3 public goods shilling spaces. This podcast is a deep-dive into the story, impact measurement and minds of changemakers through a conversation. The goal is to give all elements that will make the donors decide to support. Based on research about the project, a script will be written in pre-production to connect the audience emotionally to the story of the project. Motion design will be used to show impact or desired impact (early stage project). My ambition is to create a video that the project holder will want to share each time someone ask more details about the project.

  • Here are some links to my previous work:
    A french podcast about education, homeschooling, and the relationship between adults and children.
    Parentalité - Communication enfant - Soin - Epuisement pro | Nos liens - Ep. 1 - YouTube

SolidarityVoice, a space for conversations about citizen participation, economic inequality, mutual aid, shared narratives, social cohesion, and everything else related to being a human in today’s world.

#GR15 Gitcoin grants space to meet builders from Climate Solution Category

  • New amount per episode 300 xDAI (see details below):


  • Longform audio episode (for Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud, etc.)
  • Longform video episode (for Spotify, YouTube, etc.)
  • Short video clips (for Farcaster, Instagram, Lens, Twitter, etc.)
  • Episode Thumbnail Image
  • Episode Title
  • Episode Description
  • Episode References/Links
  • Episode Transcript


  • Pre-production
    • Project Research
    • Script Writing
    • Logistics
  • Production
    • Audio & Video Check
    • Interview
  • Post-production
    • Video Editing
    • Video Clips Editing
    • Audio Cleanup & Mastering
    • Color Grading
    • Motion Design
    • Transcript Correction
    • Episode Thumbnail Image Creation
    • Episode Title Writing
    • Episode Description Writing
    • Episode Chapters Creation
    • Episode References Collection
    • Rendering
    • Uploading
  • Equipment purchased (Light, microphone etc.)
  • Services purchased (Riverside, Descript etc.)


  • Pauline de Mortain
  • Juan Diosdado

I definitely love this idea and support this proposal. We need more publicity and stories!
We just have to make sure to engage the comms team / do the marketing for these podcasts. We must have a plan how to increase our reach and conversion rate.

Hey dear @Popline thank you for clarifying :slight_smile: We saw the references you shared, but we still will like (if possible ) to see a demo of how you envision this proposal, as we believe this is smth that will be different from the products you shared.

Bringing back the proposal I referenced before Miguel did a demo of the product he envisioned find it here, which made his proposal more clear for us, specially bc this will be a content deliverable.

Do you would like to add smth else @WhyldWanderer ?

Wdyt? Would be possible to have a demo?

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Hi thank you :pray:
I can share with you a demo Monday 10th October 10 am CEST.

Yeah… I think the request is for a pilot or trial episode before committing to all 12 episodes.

Would you be willing to take payment for just one episode first as a pilot or example. Once we have a better idea of what it is you will be creating, we can review how it went and at that point choose to commit to more episodes.

Does that sound fair to you? We spoke about this post in the governance call on Monday. You can see the notes from the call here: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

Yes ok I can take payment for just one episode, a pilot will be shared Monday 10th October, 10 am CEST. Thank you Ashley for sharing notes :pray:

Hi everyone!

I won’t be able to share an episode tomorrow. I recorded one interview, but we had some technical issues with the audio interface and we are not satisfied with the result. We’re doing tests to figure out exactly what went wrong so it doesn’t happen again. After that, we’ll be re-recording the episode and we’ll share it with you.

Thanks for your patience :pray:

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@Popline Thanks so much for posting this proposal! It’s such a great idea and can’t wait to see that demo!

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Hi everyone!

Here are news from the podcast:

  • We figured out what the technical problem was, I had to send it for repair (it takes 2 to 3 weeks), but I will rent out the same device for the next recording.
  • The recording has been delayed because my guests were in Devcon in Bogota and then have been separated in Mexico’s borders. A very shocking and sad story, they explain here: They will come back to me when they feel ready for the interview. I’m currently doing new research for next guests.
  • I want to show you how I work in pre-production. I do deep research on the project, then I create a precise structure for the interview, choose titles, design the thumbnail, and write easy-to-understand video descriptions. Everything is shared, discussed and validated with the guest before the interview to be aligned with what they want to communicate: Interview structure - Urbanika - Activism school - Google Docs

Concerning the first pilot episode, would you like to propose to me a project from the Giveth platform with a measurable impact that would be available for an interview in the next two weeks before I send invitations by myself?

@WhyldWanderer @OyeAlmond @Cori

Hey dear @Popline! Thank you for the update.

I would like to point out that Urbanika is a project I believe, @miguelb is already interviewing for his Spanish Speaking-Giveth podcast.

Recently a lot has been happening, we started Twitter Spaces, Discord Events, and some team members are starting to interview projects owners. Is getting hard to keep track , and get out the shine of everything. I feel right now long format - project interviews will not be adding much value and is an effort that will get diluted .

Maybe this proposal will make more sense in the near future, when everything is sorted out . I prefer to point out these concerns before you start working and sorting everything out.