Mitch for GIVgarden delegate!

*If you’re not sure what the heck this is all about, check out this post for an overview on GIVgarden delegation.



Discord Handle:


Ethereum Address:


Relationship with Giveth:

I’ve been working for Giveth in various capacities since November 2020. I am proud to be the current DAO Steward of Giveth. :vulcan_salute:

Motivation for being a GIVgarden Delegate:

I’ve been deep in the game in Giveth managing our multitude of DAO structures. I don’t think there’s anyone more in the know than myself in how our DAOs function, on a human and technical level. :scientist:

I’ve also been deep in the DAO configuration game, working closely with @sem and Pablo at Blossom Labs documenting EVMcrispr, a tool for mutating the DNA of DAOs. Which we actively use to upgrade our GIVgarden and nrGIV DAO settings and to distribute GIVbacks.

I can attest as the governance cat herder I would be a punctual and knowledgeable GIVgarden delegate and I hope you choose to delegate your voting power to me! :white_check_mark: