Open call for GIVgarden Delegates!

With the launch of the GIVeconomy on Christmas 2021 we allowed GIV holders to vote on Funding Proposals inside of the GIVgarden! This is an amazing opportunity for our community to participate in critical decisions inside of our Giveth Community DAO!

The GIVgarden runs on the Gardens framework for DAOs which was built by 1hive. Included in this DAO framework is the amazing feature for GIV holders to not only participate in decision-making but also to delegate their voting power (gGIV) to a trusted representative who can vote on their behalf. Delegates are trusted to make decisions that are value-aligned with their delegators.

What can GIVgarden Delegates actually do?

In Gardens, the ability and scope of delegates is relatively small, delegates are only able to use their vested voting power on “Decision Votes” (AKA Tao Voting)

While these types of votes are more rare than typical Funding Proposals they have the power to perform basically any action on the Gardens such as minting and burning tokens, changing the voting settings of the DAO or changing our covenant. Decision Votes can be extremely impactful and are usually time-sensitive, therefore, it often makes sense to delegate the decision making power to people who are active and knowledgeable in the organization.

Future Delegation Plans

However… soon we will have a new type of Delegate that plays a much bigger role in the Giveth ecosystem. Soon after th launch of GIVpower we will enable Givers to boost projects with their GIVpower. As a separate feature, we will also empower them to delegate their GIVpower to delegates who will be able to boost projects on their behalf. Essentially this would allow GIV holders to designate someone they are value-aligned with to curate Giveth projects on their behalf.

GIVpower delegation is still a work in progress and more details are to come on this exciting delegation feature.

Voting Delegation is not a new concept and is already adopted on a massive scale by venerable organizations such as Gitcoin and ENS.

To that end with this post I would like to make an open call for any proud Givethers who would like to nominate themselves as GIVgarden Delegates!


Anyone who has an Ethereum address on Gnosis Chain and holds GIV tokens is invited to create a new topic in the #community:givgarden category with their self-nomination as a GIVgarden Delegate!

To nominate yourself you must provide the following information:

  • Your name (or how you want to be called).
  • Your Discord handle.
  • Your Ethereum Address on Gnosis Chain.
  • What your relationship is with Giveth.
  • What your motivation is for becoming a Giveth Delegate.


If you know who you want to designate as your GIVgarden delegate it’s very simple to do so from the GIVgarden UI. Check out this quick video tutorial to see how it’s done.

After you have assigned a delegate, you will have the ability to remove or change your delegate following a similar flow in the video linked above.

If you want to learn more about how Decision Votes (Tao Voting) work check out this article:

Visit this category often for more details and discussion on nominated GIVgarden delegates!


This is great @mitch

Thanks for the hardwork!

Nice work! Good to see openness so that individuals who want to delegate their voting power have options and can make good decisions.

1 question: is the requirement to hold GIV tokens a hard technological one within Gardens or a soft one as per a charter or some other piece of information?