PASSED - Reimbursement for Giveth Contributors’ Compensation

The payments made for Giveth contributors’ compensation for some of the previous months were paid directly by Griff out of his own pocket. We are now initiating a reimbursement for all of these payments. You may refer to the breakdown below:

May 2021: 20,300 DAI
Kay, Mateo, Lauren, Ashley, Dani, Forest, Merlin, James F

July 2021: 21,400 DAI
Kay, Mateo, Lauren, Ashley, Dani, Amin, Forest

October 2021: 24,400 DAI
Kay, Mateo, Lauren, Ashley, Dani, Amin, Forest, Carlos

November 2021: 18,250 DAI
Amin, Mohammad Ranjbar, Ramin, Cherik, Donna, Pavle, Greymachine

December 2021: 38,334 DAI
Mateo, Lauren, Ashley, Amin, Forest, Carlos, Mohammad Ranjbar, Moenick, Ramin, Cherik, Donna, Pavle, Brohdi, Bryan

Total Amount to be reimbursed: 122,684 DAI

The amount requested for reimbursement will be from nrGIV in GIV tokens at the spot price when the vote is created.

NOTE: June, August & September as well as many payment to the Giveth Trace team were omitted because all those payments were made via Giveth Trace and there is an expectation that there will be some sort of Retroactive GIVbacks that will cover these.

ALSO NOTE: In November we used Donations from to pay many of our Contributors.


Griff is a hero for paying all of us out of pocket for so long!! I would love to see him get reimbursed now that Giveth has the ability to do so… <3


plus 1million!!! Thanks @Freshelle for making this post. I’m really happy that we can reimburse Griff a little bit for fueling our fire for so long, and so PROUD of us all for building the GIVeconomy <3

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Giveth is Giveth because of Griff!
He is a real hero. He has invested such huge money for so long to keep the team happy <3
I am happy Giveth can reimburse him and we should do it ASAP.


Here is the vote to send the GIV from our nrGIV treasury to Griff’s provided wallet address -

The spot price at the time of transaction was calculated at 0.6691384218953383

122,684 DAI / 0.6691384218953383 = GIV 183346.219534811
in exponential notation this is = 183346219534811e9 (amount in WEI)


what is this exponential notation? is that some amount in gwei? because 183,346 isn’t the same as 183346219534811e9 in normal math terms :thinking:

oh, I see… it is the amount in wei…

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We got the permissions we needed set and the vote has been executed! Thanks for your patience.