Proposal to Establish the Growth and Globalization Workstream

Based on my previous idea, I have decided to stop a bit and think about everything more thoroughly to make a proposal with all its bases.

Proposal Information

Proposal description:

This proposal will talk about the creation of the growth and globalization group in giveth its subgroups and its function.

Proposal Rationale:

Being the mission of giveth, to attract and show empower donors in addition to helping the project to which it is donated, there are many people who are not native speakers of English or their understanding of it is little, in various areas of the world are many donors and good Potential projects that are left behind since they may not understand the principles of the project or simply ignore it because they have its principles, information, and updates in another language.

This proposal seeks to create the growth and globalization group, whose task is to break down these language barriers so that Giveth can reach all corners of the world, making it possible to bring more holders to the ecosystem.

In this way, under the growth and globalization team, other branches of the DAO will work, such as the translation teams into other languages. The proposal began as the foundation of a team for the translation of all the documentation and articles that Giveth has into Spanish. , idea that I still maintain and I am willing to make it possible

Documentation update tracking tools:

Being an important part to have the information immediately after the English document is updated to make its mirror in Spanish or some other language.

The use of WebHooks would be perfect as it will send us exactly the document that has been updated to a specific channel that can be created in discord

I add an article of the applicable use of webhooks

All the subteams under the growth and globalization team are expressly connected with the entire dao team and giveth community so that all tasks can be verifiable, in this way anyone interested in helping can opt for a position within the sub groups within grow and globalization

The task of the globalization and growth team is to document and report all the tasks done and achievements made by the growth and globalization team and the subgroups within it, with tools such as Notion, for the creation of Bimonthly Kpis, in addition to participate in giveth team calls that correspond to the team’s idea of growth and globalization

Benefits of the proposal:

  • Create a welcoming culture
  • Helping newcomers in understanding the project’s potential
  • Increase the reach of the project
  • Eliminate the language barrier of entry
  • Possibility of creating subgroups with tasks for different languages such as ES,PT,IN,CH

Verification of the subgroups:

The creation of subgroups within the growth and globalization team must be monitored by those in charge of it within the growth and globalization team, in addition to certifying the content provided by these subgroups in cases of translation, or creation of visual or written content. in order to guarantee its quality, in addition to being aligned with the main idea of giveth

Initial creation of 2 subgroups

The creation of these 2 subgroups within the growth and globalization team is aimed at translation into Spanish and Portuguese, respectively, with a total of 25,528 words to translate, in addition to the rapid translation of the articles that come out after their creation.

Tools used in the growth and globalization team

Sobol : Sobol being one of the best tools for a dao with multiple functions incorporated within it, it would be one of the main tools for coordination, visualization of goals, percentage completed of some work, in addition to the organization that you would have within the growth team and globalization and its subgroups

Notion: As a tool previously used in giveth in the growth and globalization team, it is expected to give the use of notion for greater transparency at the time of assignment, calendar of work related to the growth and globalization team, and related to the team.

Discord Channel: With a discord channel with open discussions for anyone interested in the work of the growth and globalization team, in addition to the impulses that are expected to have in certain languages such as Spanish and Portuguese.

The team involved in this proposal has previously had a fully verifiable job for other DAOs such as ShapeShift achieving milestones within it, it is expected to have a project immediately or in parallel with the translation of all giveth documentation, which is to share the love that giveth can give and achieve in all others, with articles about giveth, AMA and campaigns about giveth.

In the same way, it is emphasized that in case of establishing the globalization and growth team, more languages will be taken than those presented in this proposal to have a subsequent work in them.

Team :

@Mrbear3459 : Leader of the growth and globalization team, translator into Spanish , Translations Coordinator, qualifier of translators in Spanish,

@vlad: Co-lead & manage the growth workstream and its strategies , Verifier to the language in Portuguese , qualifier of translators in portuguese, Translations Coordinator

@guiriba: Copywriter of new articles, bearers of the projects within giveth that may have a just cause, Translator into Portuguese


Team Role Definitions:

Mr.bear : providing full support as-needed for the entirety of the workstreams directive both in strategizing and implementation of the growth and globalization’s workstream responsibilities and projects.

This includes functioning effectively as a leader in growth,globalization, and information project efforts.

Direct work for the total translation of the giveth documentation and articles related to it in to spanish , in addition to mirroring the articles in English to Spanish as they come out.

the coordinator is supervising and that the translation work is carried out in a good way and without delays

vlad: As co-leader, he will focus on the correct development and growth of the globalization and growth team. This includes overseeing and managing the public voice and branding of the DAO and it’s community presence.

Being the verifier of the language in Portuguese, it will be in charge of having a filter for all the new translations or new articles that can be created for this language, in this way a quality in the article or in the translation can be guaranteed.

the coordinator is supervising and that the translation work is carried out in a good way and without delays

Being the qualifier of new translators, he will have the role of determining if a new Portuguese language translator can be taken into the growth and globalization team, verifying his translation skills.

In addition to being a consultant, taking into account all his great work done on projects such as shapeshift DAO

guiriba: You will have the function of creating new quality items for giveth, the growth and globalization team or projects within giveth

As a spokesperson for projects within giveth, we seek to give these projects a voice with an article or different ways of approaching us, telling us what led them to do the project, thus being a way for collaborators to feel closer of the project to which they donate and for which they will be empowered

Translator into Portuguese

We will have a monthly budget of $2,300 in giv to pay for the processes within the growth and globalization group, rewards for collaborators, salary of the initial members of the group.

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred:


Thanks to @thesmith , for all the help provided in the days of creating this proposal , and for the mentorship he has given to the entire team present

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Nice proposal and initiative @MrBear I agrre and also I should remark the use of this two platforms as a must because of its infrastructure within emerging and successful DAOs right now.

I also offer myself for translation services according to the workflow to be established thanks to my availability of schedule :))

Thx 4 sharing such an useful proposal, have a nice day!


Hello, everybody!

Some of you may know me from ShapeShift DAO, yes, I can’t hide my happiness when i see a Latin American proposal!

I would like to register my support to Latam collaborators who are not under my command this time, but creating their own proposal and that’s great! yet, they are with my support on this proposal. I may be fully commited at FOX DAO, but im willing to always advise and tutor Mr. Bear and his team around this proposal. thus assure you that they are excellent professionals who work side by side with me, every day.

We will continue to work together in our shared environments so it will be easy for us to exchange information.

Congratulations, LatAm Guild.

Let’s DAO it :wink:


hey guys , Vlad from Shapeshift and Odysee Community here.

I am seeing some votes which is very cool, just wanna highlight that language is the first barrier to be broken before something start to grow. Giveth project is outstanding and that is something that born to be worldwide. So I am here, to thank people that vote YES and ask for those that didn’t read this proposal yet to do so.

I am confident that we can bring value to the dao


Thanks @MrBear and the rest of the team. I’m in favour of this proposal, and I do have few questions to start with …

Is there a process for new contributors (translators) to apply? Would there be any written guidelines for contributors to easily onboard, navigate and complete the work, including compensation information?
How do we determine the feasibility of one language to be translated to?


I had some problems with my laptop, but now I can answer your questions

As soon as a workflow is incorporated, action can be taken. The current idea to apply for new translators would start with a page with the steps to follow to evaluate their work and quality, as mentioned in The proposal will have 1 verifier of the language into which it will be translated (Being a prerequisite that the verifier is native language).

Contributing is really a very simple question, without a doubt, anyone interested can contribute a message in a discord chat or telegram can make a difference, with this the people with more knowledge in the dao can direct you to valuable pages such as the notion page of the globalization and growth team where all the active processes, rewards and material that users can freely use will take place.

The last question is undoubtedly somewhat more complicated to explain from my point of view given that the two languages ​​mentioned in the proposal are the languages ​​other than English with which there are more users, we have newbies interested in presenting their project but, they do not speak English, we have people from different communities with the spirit and values ​​to contribute to giveth? , your contribution can undoubtedly benefit your community and/or project within giveth and giveth, these are some of the points that are taken into account when thinking about new language additions to the protocol and documentation


Good day!

Thius is my first message by the way! i fell in love with all the Giv community, especially for the focus on social problems and how can we as a cammunity help getting a better world.
And also i fell in love with the GivStream concept! :heart_eyes:
But t4his proyect needs to grow and get the attention to a lot of people out there, and this propposal is great about it, lets hope this came into success and lets Dao it!


This proposal is now up in the GIVgarden! :rocket:


Hi everyone! Completely new in the forum as in discord, but loving and near Giveth since 2017.

It is time for this proposal to be a reality and take Giveth to every possible corner of the world…All in to join the Spanish translator group, even without any GIVreward.

To organize the flow in the most efficient and effective way, I would suggest to use an established localization platform such as or, there are also some open source localization software , but tbh I have never used them. I have experience with Crowdin translating the Edge wallet app, and I must say that the tool is so great, but of course it has a cost , ( which is not really high btw, and imho it is completely worth for the hassle, even the free version might be used and cover initial needs)

Last, as a mere anecdote, I translated the first Giveth website content 5 years ago, concretely it is gonna be 5 years in a couple of days. I just saw the creation date when looking for the actual file, that I will send to serve as my application to join the translators team :))))) (logically I can’t upload files with a new profile)

Congrats for the initiative !! Already voted in givGarden a bold YES.


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Hi, thanks for your comment.

Undoubtedly, the growth process sought with this proposal It will seek to find new talents and integrate more people

I’m glad you’re interested in being part of the globalization and growth group, let’s see how this vote unfolds

Stay safe

  • Mr.Bear
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I’d love to see perhaps in tandem or in place of some of the proposed software we could utlise some nifty discord webhooks to have in channel updates whenever there is an update to the giveth-docs repo - this could notify the translation team of a new or updated content that needs to be translated. We currently are using webhooks in the giveth server to track github action and events on the platform -

Decide what’s the best fit for your workstream. However, if you choose to go that route I know @geleeroyale or Vyvy-vi are a webhook wizards and could maybe rig something up

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Great one @mitch !! @geleeroyale eeeeeeeeeeeeee… look what I just found

Meeting in a post so immensely great, meeting irl , priceless… hope all good by your end man… big hug!!


Hey @mitch ty for your answer, I am not very associated with those tools but I will certainly be taking a look at them to see how beneficial they can be for our workflow, a channel with updates in discord, it is beneficial not for our proposal but for the whole dao So I would keep the webhooks option standing


Thanks for posting. Hope to meet soon :heart:


Won’t be involved in this workstream personally, but as the Globalization leader @ ShapeShift, I can vouch for these fine group of gentlemen and their tenacity of spreading the crypto gospel across their local communities! Godspeed :muscle:

Their relentless passion and work ethic has far exceeded any of our initial expectations and are pretty much a self-running workstream with their own budget, processes, leadership, and is beasting it in every way possible.


Having finished the main idea of ​​this proposal (The translation of the documentation into Spanish and Portuguese)

I can say that it is surprising how complicated something simple like a translation can become, the process of learning to use the tools that without a doubt the process would be 10 times longer, and learning everything about giveth, its history and development has undoubtedly been a great moment for the globalization guys and for me too.

There were 158 files translated by the globalization and growth group , I think I could not say how many approximate words we took although I can do an estimate of more than 100000 , thinking that our budget was a bit short , we had wonderful contributors from the guys in portuguese and amazing work of vlad directing them, as a result of this we have thought about the next step we want to take, giveth trace? App.giveth ? , I think they are possibilities, we would have to think about it again and adjust everything metrically, hehe, less budget adjustments because they are undoubtedly a headache.

In particular thanks to :

@mitch : I can certainly say that you are an amazing person attentive to the whole environment and you were wonderfully supportive

@geleeroyale : my guide in everything related to vscode , yarn , pull request , I think at first it looks simple but as you dive in it seems complicated you helped me to know that it’s just a matter of thinking a bit

and additional thanks to @karmaticacid who was a pillar in promoting this proposal and @WhyldWanderer who was also a great promoter of this proposal


Wow - amazing progress. Its very cool to know a little help can go a long way. I too learned about developing for docusaurus multilanguage, so thanks for asking :star:


wow thanks for all the major props and HUGE praise for all the work you did on translation!

I think it would be super exciting to see a spanish version of the dapp!


Thank you so much for your & your team’s work @MrBear !! I’m so excited to see this. Is there an easy link to view the docs in Spanish now? I would also love to share it via our Twitter and give props to you guys!

We should definitely not translate Giveth TRACE because it will be deprecated when Rinkeby is deprecated.

It would be fantastic, however, to translate the dApp!

Also, I hear you on being short on funds and perhaps there is something we can do about retroactive reimbursement. I would love to discuss this in Monday’s gov call @mitch .

Options for funding the spanish translation of the dApp:



Having some conflicts, or confusions caravel guild (the growth group of this proposal) will take in their hands the total completion of the translation of the documentation.

As you can see in the screenshot, there is currently no update of the portuguese work by terra swarm, so having this for a long time, I would like 33% of its total budget, for the payment of pt contributors to take this into their hands.

Update with documents in Spanish

As I mentioned, apparently there is confusion, so I will take this in my hands to deliver a finished job.

As I mentioned, the budget that is requested is only for the payment of the contributors in Portuguese, I am totally committed to finishing the translations in Spanish without any payment as far as this update is concerned.

without more to say greetings, and be safe


@karmaticacid @mitch

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