Proposal to Establish the Growth and Globalization Workstream

Thank you for the update, keep us informed and if there’s anyway I can support you to finish the Spanish translations and to upload the Portuguese translations.

@Stonky Are you able to pass 33% of the budget from the other translation proposal to @MrBear’s team? Does that sound fair?

All right, I think that I can help making a bit of clarity in all this.

First of all, I’m sorry for the unfortunate way the translations went. I personally worked hard on the initial proposal, and invested a considerable amount of money to put the proposal up.
Once passed, I discovered the same proposal with the same list passed a few days earlier, to my surprise…to say the least.

Our contributors got their work slashed. Spanish cut in half, Portuguese only 25%. Having a budget for these languages, waiting also for future updates, we provided liquidity supporting the project. A loyal move, but a bad trade since our earning became 5 6 times smaller that what we imagined.

The system of uploading the translations was unknown to the Terra Swarm, but we had to adapt to it which created further complications and delays. Again, not something that was in the plan.

Now, let’s go to more recent days.
I don’t even want to comment the fact that a private DM I sent in good faith got publicly published. That is NOT correct and I did not give permission for this to happen. I kindly ask to remove this asap @MrBear . Let’s be correct here, please.

Mr. Bear’s team had the 100% of funds to translate Portuguese, so our budget is not needed, clearly. However, in good faith, I offered to send “a share of our budget” so that we could move forward for the successful completion of the translation process.
But we have done more than that, and this was again not mentioned.
We have transferred 100% of the Portuguese funds. Not 25%, not 50%, but 100%. To translate something for which they also received a budget.
Tx id → Transaction 0xa7420c44555a5498252e82f0234bcb98f48a9b237c78159076a6cf80324f64f7 - Gnosis Chain Explorer

Now, I would like to publicly apologize for the delays this situation has caused. Terra swarm will be a long term holder and supporter of Giveth and I hope to be of help, in any way or form, for the sustainability and success of this wonderful project and community.


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hey i took the initiative to publish a dm message, here since in all the course there was not a single message here or on the server, and these things are not from dm.

As you mention, we had a main list of files to translate to, to which we had a part translated and we decided to give the rest to you and compensate your number of letters with other Documents, today for some reason the previously accepted documents on the list are still without translation into Spanish or Portuguese.

Likewise, my team and collaborators had the same system as you, it was somewhat stressful but we had a commitment that we had accepted, And a complication could be 1 week, not months to take a problem or situation to see what solution we will find.

Thank you both for your support on the translation work, I look forward to putting all of this behind us and finish the spanish and portuguese translations. I would like to thank @mrtdlgc who was an absolute hero and finished the turkish translations with great transparency and coordination despite the technical struggles.

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Big Thanks again to @mrtdlgc and @MrBear for getting the Turkish and Spanish Proposals up and live on the docs!

I would like to extend an invitation to @MrBear to create a top-up proposal on the GIVgarden to account for the depreciation of the value of GIV since the initial passing of this proposal. Please let us know how much you would like to request and I can assist with setting up a vote on the GIVgarden..

If you have any questions please reach out in DM!

With this last pr , we can conclude the task of completely translating the documentation of Giveth , I want to thank the entire team of Giveth that has been supporting me and highlighting the progress of the translations in particular to @mitch , as this proposal is known I expected to have a lower flow of translation with some situations from which we learned, we had an increase in words to translate, for this reason we want to reopen a proposal that is taken as retroactive for compensation for the additional work taken.

Taking into account that the giv token had a reduction in its price, the retroactive total that has been thought is a total of:

81000 GIV Or its equal in GNO 31.14

This taking into account all the work done by the Carabela guild team that was done outside of our initial budget in this proposal.

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81,000 GIV is about $5k , considering the 5k GIV (~$1k at time of distro) you received from the initial proposal plus the 6k GIV (~$100 at time of transfer) already received from Terra Swarm you are requesting 81,000 GIV more?

This is for the partial translation work done in spanish and the full translation of the docs in portuguese?

Hey @MrBear!

I love getting to see the Growth and Globalization workstream really come together. <3

I agree that this working group should for sure get a top up!

For me, it really hard to follow the funding that was already received, the loss in GIV price, and the amount of effort that goes into translating this much documentation. I know things are usually calculated by the word but it may be nice to have an estimate of how many hours it took to complete these tasks.

My initial reaction is that 81k GIV is a bit high but I may be missing something that wasnt accounted for.

It would be helpful to know:
a. some of the initial funds that were allocated to Terra Swarm were transferred to your team to complete the work that Terra did not complete… is this correct? How much was transferred?

b. How much effort goes into translating this much documentation? In hours or something similar…

very good to see you here , If the truth is that it is difficult to measure what a fair payment would be in view of the total work, I think that the most appropriate to decide this would be @mitch , I would like to hear your opinion, I am not the best with this type of thing

I mention @mitch since he was the most attentive person to all the pr made by my side.

I would not take into account the translation by word because to say woo there were documents that were not important but valuable, such as the history of giveth or articles from the blog section.

And hours of work, maybe I really couldn’t say most of the work was done 3 months ago with a pr with 161 changed files

I would like to know your opinions based on this last , And I will leave the total in your hands

Answering your question the giv that terraswarm sent us was a total of 6240 $GIV ($285) at that time

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Coming back around to this

I was looking at some of the cost estimates and word counts from the Terra Swarm proposal

If at that point we quoted 26k words @ 0.12 a word (translation & QA) that would come out to ~$16.5k for 5 languages. For 2 languages that is 6.6k

Now there are a few big oversights on the translation work that will affect this. The first and foremost was the translation of the Giveth TRACE documentation, which was explicitly asked not to translate because the app will soon be deprecated and the related documentation is mostly irrelevant. There was also a bunch of blog posts that were arbitrarily selected and translated into spanish, maybe portuguese? hopefully not… I think overall this initiative suffered from a lack of coordination and communication of expectations.

Correct me if I’m wrong but I cannot find anywhere, forum, discord or DMs, where we requested the TRACE documentation or blog posts to be translated.

I know however we did ask for a few more documents to be done after this first quote so let’s tack on another ~2000 words to be generous. so 28k words @ 0.12 a word = $3,360 per language, let’s assume Growth and Globalization did 100% Portuguese and 75% of the Spanish translations. $3,360 * 1.75 = 5,880. Factor in what you already received in funding $1000 (5000 GIV) from Gardens and $300 (6000 GIV) later from Terra Swarm this would mean there is outstanding is $4580 (~76k GIV at current prices).

This isn’t far off from the updated request, I know this isn’t a great answer for you translators because the work is already done but from a perspective of the org, spending funds on translating irrelevant documentation doesn’t feel great.

Can you accept a proposal for 76k GIV? Overall I’m very impressed with the quality of work, translating, preserving markdown formatting, being able to correctly submit PRs, I know it’s a lot of work and most translators couldn’t wrap their heads around it so I would like to especially preserve a good relationship with your group @MrBear.

Here’s a poll for general signalling:

  • 76k GIV is acceptable.
  • No, it should be MORE. I will comment.
  • No, it should be LESS. I will comment.
  • Abstain.

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As you mention, there are parts that are not necessarily important even though they have been translated to have documentation completely in Spanish and/or Portuguese, so we could take, according to what you said above, only the documents on the list that have been translated by our proposal.

In the same way, I reaffirm that I maintain all my support for giveth, for which I will continue translating your documents without payment unless there is some type of active bountie.

Thank you for the opportunity

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I created the Top-up Porposal at your request, and on your behalf.

It is live on the GIVgarden!