Proposal to Increase PTO days for Full-time Contributors

Proposal Information

Proposal description:

This proposal is to grant an additional Paid Time Off (PTO) of 5 days on top of the current PTO policy in place. This is to recognize and reward full-time contributors who have been with Giveth for at least two years

Proposal Rationale

The effect of this proposal will be an increased PTO days totaling to 25 days a year for full-time contributors.

Starting June 2023, the calculation of monthly accrual for Paid Time Off (PTO) will include an additional 5 days off per year. The accrual computation is as follows:

  • Current monthly accrual based on the PTO policy: 1.66667 days off (equivalent to 20 days per year divided by 12 months) = 13.3333 hours per month.
  • Proposed monthly accrual: 2.08333 days off (equivalent to 25 days per year divided by 12 months) = 16.6666 hours per month.

We envision the following benefits and impact on this proposal:

  1. Self-Care (Sovereignty): In the web3 space and in any work place, personal sovereignty is paramount. We recognize the need for contributors to prioritize their well-being and recharge their creative energies with this additional 5 days of PTO.

  2. Tangible Appreciation: We also aim to express our gratitude in a clear and tangible way by providing an additional 5 days of PTO as a form of appreciation.

Eligibility Requirements:
Eligible contributors will have their monthly accrual computation updated upon completion of two years active full-time contribution to the Giveth community.

This pioneering move aligns perfectly with our vision of fostering a thriving community built on trust, collaboration, and shared values.

This will be open for advice process for 7 days and will be up for nrGIV voting.

Do you support the additional 5 PTO days for full-time contributors?

  • Yes
  • No

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Praise @Nicbals who helped me draft this proposal.


Love this idea but also think it would be great to also see some sort of increase for 1-year contributors too, just a thought.


This might be the most successful forum proposal yet! Only one day old with 16 yes votes!!


It’s a valuable gift.


While the current proposal focuses on granting an additional 5 PTO days for contributors with at least two years of full-time contribution, I understand the value of recognizing 1-year contributors as well. Let’s set up a separate poll to gather input on the number of additional PTO days for 1-year contributors.

Should we grant additional PTO days for 1-year contributors?

  • Yes, add 2.5 days
  • Yes, but another number I’ll comment
  • No

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Hey! :star2: I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for creating the new poll on the forum post. It’s awesome to see that you’re considering the perspective of one-year contributors like myself. :blush:

I just wanted to say that it would be fantastic to have more PTO days for contributors who have been here for one year. It would make a significant difference and enhance our work-life balance. :rainbow::beach_umbrella:

Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and consideration! :pray::dizzy:

  1. Proposal to increase additional 5 PTO days for 2-year full time contributors is up for voting :point_right:t3: here
  2. Proposal to increase additional 2.5 PTO days for 1-year full time contributors is up for voting :point_right:t3: here
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Thanks for this proposal. I think it’s very valuable considering that we don’t take national holidays & the self-care component it’s of great value in the long term.

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