Paid Leave Policy and Monitoring

Hey all! Everyone’s probably too busy with the upcoming GIVeconomy and token launch that you forget to take a break. Everyone’s slaying it! And maybe you guys are working too hard. You deserve a nice vacation :relieved: :beach_umbrella: :cocktail:

With that, I’d like to share with you the Giveth Leave Policy and Monitoring.

As of now, I only have records of the 2021 paid leaves for Giveth DApp Dev team. I’d like to ask the rest of the Givethers to please provide an estimate of your paid leaves for January 2021 - present so we can update the file. Kindly comment here or message me.

Thank you and please don’t forget to rest!


Thank you @freshelle !!

I would only add that the early notice should be a little bit more.

I don’t wanna make it more complicated but maybe, if you think to take the N days, make a notice of at least 1 week + N days you’ll take, for example, if you leave for 1 week, make it 2 weeks notice from the start date.

Everything else looks good, thanks for making this, having this clear is truly important.

Also, I’d encourage buddies to hit their partners and tell them to gtfo when it’s been a long time without vacations. I know some workaholics folks here… they/we need help <3


Thanks for this, Mateo! More time for notice of leave makes sense and is reasonable. I updated the spreadsheet :grin: