Paid Time-Off (PTO) for Hourly Contributors

Proposal Information

Proposal description:

As discussed in the latest Governance Call, the current PTO policy we have is applicable to full-time contributors only. We propose to grant PTO benefits to hourly contributors as well. This would be the guideline for hourly contributors:

  • Must have been a paid contributor for at least 6 months

  • Must have worked an average of at least 80 hours a month for 6 months (minimum hours to be decided)

  • Must have an approved Role Proposal in the nrGIV DAO

  • Upon eligibility, the PTO benefit will be computed from the start date

  • Every 13 hours of work is equivalent to 1 hour PTO

  • Can only earn a maximum of 13.33 PTO hours each month (based on full-time contributors computation)

  • PTO benefit earned for each month is valid for 1 year

  • Unused PTO benefit will not be carried over after the 1 year validity and it is not convertible to crypto (xDAI/GIV). We highly encourage contributors to take time-offs.

  • If after being eligible, the contributor then works less than 80 hours per month, they won’t earn PTO benefit for that month.

For example: If an hourly contributor works 130 hours a month for 6 months, they could take 60 hours off paid starting in their 7th month.
If on the 7th month they worked 75 hours, they won’t earn PTO benefit for the 7th month. If on the 8th month, they worked 90 hours, they will earn 6.92 PTO hours.

Proposal Rationale
As always announced during weekly Community Calls, we encourage Giveth contributors to take a break to rest, recharge, recover from sickness, enjoy the holidays, and take care of themselves. Offering PTO will help contributors take time-offs and be away from work while still being compensated.

Rationale on the 80 hours per month minimum requirement: It is appropriate to offer PTO to contributors who work at least part-time (20 hours/week) because roughly half of their “work” time is spent with Giveth. This is in comparison with casual or very part-time contributors who work less than 80 hours per month and may not even need a role proposal. Setting a minimum monthly hours for eligibility is also in consideration of the additional budget needed to pay for the PTO for hourly contributors on top of current expenses. There’s a poll below to decide on the minimum monthly hours required.

Your suggestions and feedback on the conditions, guidelines and computation would be greatly appreciated. This is just an initial proposal on the updated PTO policy and can make changes as needed.

Praise to @aabugosh @hanners717 @Nicbals @Griff for the help and support on this proposal.

Grant PTO for Hourly Contributors?

  • Yes!
  • Yes, but I have comments on the guideline/computation
  • No, I’ll add a comment for the reason

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Minimum Monthly Hours to be Eligible for PTO

  • 80
  • 90
  • 100
  • Other, will add a comment

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Great, @freshelle ! Thank you for this. I think it is an important initiative that supports the healthy work environment that DAOs in general seek to establish.

I would like to add that I think the minimum (if any) number of hours worked for eligibility should start at 75 hours per month to allow for a more ethical interpretation of part-time that is reflective of the more ethical interpretation of full-time, which is 35-40 hours per week.


I would agree with Suga that the bottom threshold of 75 is better


Thank you @Suga @mitch! I can’t change the poll above so here’s a new one -

Eligibility: minimum 75 hours/month

  • Agree
  • No, will add comments

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Great work @freshelle ! Thanks for creating this very important intiative :heart:

I fully support this proposal, and I agree with @Suga about the 75hour threshold making more sense.

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It was really nice suprise for me to learn about this proposal which I am highly appreciating as one of the part-time ish contributors :slight_smile: Love the whole structure of it, and am In favor of Suga’s point.

Thank you @freshelle for doing such a great work!

I would imagine that the hourly count would start with the month after passing the DAO vote?

The accumulation/counting of the PTO will start from the date they joined as a paid contributor (only for months they worked 75 hours and above). They can start claiming the PTO benefit after 6 months and after the DAO vote passed.