Q1 2023 Vesting Distribution

Q1 2023 Vesting is ready for review! This is for contributors active consistently from October 1st 2020 through until April 1st 2023. (If you were on a trial period during Q1 2023, January - April, you are not eligible for this distribution, but another is coming up in a few months so stick around!)

Amounts have been calculated using the approved method. Where it wasn’t clear I used my best discretion based off of praise data, eligible nrGIV distributions (even if they didn’t claim), role proposal information (or lack thereof) and feedback given in this post.

I would also propose a slight change on our calculation method. :abacus: To explain a bit further, we have two variables:

Hours worked Factor - This is a multiplication factor that we can manipulate to say how much we value the amount of hours people work monthly for Giveth.

nrGIV Factor - This is a multiplication factor that looks at how many nrGIV distributions you we’re eligible for. We can manipulate this to adjust how much we value how long someone has been working for Giveth.

I would like to reduce the nrGIV factor from 0.8 down to 0.7. This will give a slightly increased vesting amount to people who regularly work a lot of hours for Giveth and a slightly decreased amount for people who have been around for a while but don’t work so much for Giveth.

Check for a poll at the bottom of this post and let me know if you approve this change. :ballot_box:

Here’s a summary of our parameters:

Vesting Parameters:

  • Future Rewards Program Funding - 10%
  • Total Vesting withheld - 16.32%*
  • Vesting Distributed - 73.68%*
  • Max variance (current contributor vs. future contributor schedule) - 20%
  • nrGIV Factor - 0.7 :point_left: CHANGED FROM 0.8 → 0.7
  • Hours worked factor - 1
  • Hours worked Tiers:
Hours Tier
GIVaholic = 40+ 5
Full Time = 30-40 4
Part time = 18-30 3
Part part time = 7-18 2
Casual = 1-7 hours 1

*We withhold a certain percentage of the total amount available of GIV per vesting round based on the amount of contributors, this is to prevent over distribution of GIV. The GIV not distributed is held in the token distro and will be available for future contributor reward programs.

The total amount of vesting to be distributed is 5,040,004.16 GIV among :three: :five: contributors. Here’s the breakdown of amounts to each recipient**:

Name Amount in GIV
Griff 201,772.18
Amin 171,565.20
Mateo 170,284.87
Marko 131,886.90
Lauren 227,052.45
Ashley 199,193.26
Mitch 199,193.26
Mohammad 189,442.54
Kay 153,225.58
Dani 103,430.86
Moenick 189,442.54
Ramin 189,442.54
Cherik 179,691.82
Freshelle 151,832.62
Carlos 179,691.82
Rodri 142,081.90
Cotabe 150,439.66
Mo 179,691.82
Giantkin 76,612.79
Suga 150,439.66
Alireza 150,439.66
Nikola 122,580.47
Tossyne 122,580.47
Yass 122,580.47
Jake 140,688.94
Nico 84,970.55
Santi 84,970.55
Heather 142,081.90
Ahmad 122,580.47
Moeshehab 122,580.47
Clara 94,721.27
Cori 130,938.22
Franco 75,219.83
Almond 121,187.51
MaryJaf 65,469.11
Total 5,040,004.16

**These amounts will be subject to the GIVstream meaning you will be able to claim ~34% immediately and the rest will be added to your GIVstream.

With Great GIV comes Great Responsibility… :superhero:

GIV respresents your gateway into community decision making, the more GIV, the more voting power you have in our governance tools such as the GIVgarden, Snapshot, Tokenlog and now GIVpower. Put thought into how you might use this GIV being vested to you.

Calculation Method

I used the vesting simulator spreadsheet that @cotabe and myself collaborated on. Please review this section that your hours worked tier, (based on role proposals or absence of), your ETH Address(taken from your nrGIV address), and amount of previously eligible nrGIV distributions are correct.

Current vs. Future Contributor

When we launched the GIVeconomy at Christmas 2021 we set a vesting amount for the present team at the time of launch. These became defined as Current Contributors (horrible naming). They were to have a fixed amount of vesting quarterly for the next 2.5 years. As we continued to grow the Current contributor vesting amounts vs. the Future Contributor (anyone that joined the team post-GIVeconomy launch) the amounts began to be a bit skewed. When we built out the final version of vesting calculations we decided if there was a varaicne greater than X % (currently 20%) we would switch to calculate them using the same method as Future Contributors to keep things fair and consistent.

On the sheet labelled Current or Future we can see the proposed future contributor distribution against what the “current contributors” would normally have received, any difference % greater than 20% is assigned the future contributor amount according to the Max Variance parameter.


:star: Please Review this information for mistakes I may have made. :star:

Check on the sheet Q1 2023 Final that I have your correct address for distribution.

After minimum advice process has been met I will move forward with creating the scripts to allocate the vested tokens to your GIVstreams!

Do you approve changes in the nrGIV factor from 0.8 → 0.7 ?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Abstain

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I think you meant the nrGIV factor in this sentence.

I agree with the suggestion and the distribution looks good.

Quick question, to apply for the Vesting distribution you need to be an active contributor, right?

Good catch, I just made the fix. Sorry about that.

Yes, they should be an active contributor. I usually check for “activity” by if they successfully requested nrGIV last round (that people voted yes to give it to them) and for message activity in discord.

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lowering my power! :slight_smile: didnt check for errors, but overall, its a gift/bonus. im ok with it, and would approve.

Edit: thanks for the explanation in the DAO call. I voted now!

Wow, thanks, @mitch! I didn’t vote in the poll yet bc I don’t quite understand where the value in the change comes from. I understand the purpose of it, and that makes sense, but why 0.8 to 0.7? is it a bit arbitrary just to balance things more fairly? thanks!

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  1. what about looking at the nrgiv actual VOTES? like 10 of the last 10 votes… gets the .8 , 8 of the last 10 gets .7 etc?

  2. [11:28 AM]

or that too messy

  1. [11:28 AM]

0 of last 10 , gets .0 ofc.

Hehe, where did you copy paste this from?

You mean how often people vote with their nrGIV? I don’t think the intention is to say how often people vote but the nrGIV distribution is an easy way to quantify how long someone has been around and active in Giveth, someone people don’t ask for nrGIV either but they are eligible which adds to their score for vesting.

To you original point - I’m still working with the Karma team to accurately track how often people vote in our voting platforms and assign them a score. My dream is that we can combine this with praise to adjust people’s rewards by how often they actually participate in governance.

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from the voice chat channel. probably better here.

Vote is up! 24 hours to pass this one!