Q3 2022 Vesting Distribution

Q3 2022 Vesting is ready for review! This is for contributors active consistently from October 1st 2020 through until October 1st 2022. (If you were on a trial period during Q3, July - October, you are not eligible for this distribution, but another is coming up in a few months so stick around!)

Amounts have been calculated using the approved method. Where it wasn’t clear I used my best discretion based off of praise data, eligible nrGIV distributions (even if they didn’t claim), role proposal information (or lack thereof) and feedback given in this post.

Here’s a summary of our parameters:

Vesting Parameters:

  • Praise Funding - 10%
  • SoureCred 0%
  • Total Vesting withheld - 24.74%*
  • Vesting Distributed - 65.26%*
  • Max variance (current contributor vs. future contributor schedule) - 20%
  • nrGIV Factor - 0.8
  • Hours worked factor - 1
  • Hours worked Tiers:
Hours Tier
GIVaholic = 40+ 5
Full Time = 30-40 4
Part time = 18-30 3
Part part time = 7-18 2
Casual = 1-7 hours 1

*We withhold a certain percentage of the total amount available of GIV per vesting round based on the amount of contributors, this is to prevent over distribution of GIV. The GIV not distributed is held in the token distro and will be available for future contributor reward programs.

The total amount of vesting to be distributed is 4,113,073.61 GIV among 31 contributors. Here’s the breakdown of amounts to each recipient**:

Name Amount of GIV
Griff 201772.18071753273
Amin 171565.19838068885
Mateo 170284.87210608445
Marko 131886.9045375389
Lauren 224921.71112584832
Ashley 198460.33334633676
Mitch 198460.33334633676
Mohammad 185229.64445658098
Kay 158768.2666770694
Dani 103430.8588832181
Moenick 185229.64445658098
Ramin 185229.64445658098
Cherik 185229.64445658098
Freshelle 132306.88889755783
Carlos 185229.64445658098
Rodri 132306.88889755783
Cotabe 132306.88889755783
Mo 171998.95556682517
Giantkin 66153.44444877892
Suga 132306.88889755783
Alireza 132306.88889755783
Nikola 105845.51111804627
Tosin 79384.1333385347
Yass 105845.51111804627
Jake 119076.20000780206
Nico 66153.44444877892
Santi 66153.44444877892
Heather 132306.88889755783
Ahmad 105845.51111804627
Moeshehab 158768.2666770694
Clara 105845.51111804627

**These amounts will be subject to the GIVstream meaning you will be able to claim ~26% immediately and the rest will be added to your GIVstream.

With Great GIV comes Great Responsibility… :superhero:

GIV respresents your gateway into community decision making, the more GIV, the more voting power you have in our governance tools such as the GIVgarden, Snapshot, Tokenlog and soon GIVpower. Put thought into how you might use this GIV being vested to you.

Calculation Method

I used the vesting simulator spreadsheet that @cotabe and myself collaborated on. Please review this section that your hours worked tier (based on role proposals or absence of) and amount of previously eligible nrGIV distributions are correct.

Current vs. Future Contributor

On the sheet labelled Current or Future we can see the proposed future contributor distribution against what the “current contributors” would normally have received, any difference % greater than 20% is assigned the future contributor amount according to the Max Variance parameter.


:star: Please Review this information for mistakes I may have made. :star:

Check on the sheet Q3 2022 Final that I have your correct address for distribution.

After minimum advice process has been met I will move forward with creating the scripts to allocate the vested tokens to your GIVstreams!


You rock @mitch! Thanks for making sure we get our vesting