Q3 2023 nrGIV Distribution! (Yes it's already that time again)

Edit 10/10/2023

Following the Gov call Oct. 9 we decided to migrate from Gnosis Chain to Optimism - @griff created us a new rGIV Aragon DAO on Optimism where we can create our votes for this quarter.

please read his comments below -

It’s ALREADY that time again! :hot_face:

Does it feel like we just did this? Well you’re right, we were pretty late getting out the Q2 distribution so look at how time flies! Q3 is already done and Giveth is already pushing ahead into Q4 2023.

We’re distributing another round of nrGIV tokens for regular contributors to be used to vote in core governance proposals such as:

  • Sending GIVback and $nice distributions on Gnosis Chain
  • Allocating vesting distributions
  • Approving monthly compensation reimbursements in GIV

You can acces the nrGIV DAO here: https://optimism.aragon.blossom.software/#/rgiv/ :computer:

:thinking: If you’re having issues loading the DAO, please be patient, it is slow and I apologize. However if it is really stuck and not loading at all please DM myself or someone from devOps and we can help fix it!

For this round, each current contributor will be requesting to mint up to 233 nrGIV tokens. If you’re not sure of your eligibility, please refer to this excerpt from our Governance Process:

rGIV Token Holder

This is a form of executive council held for trusted Giveth contributors. rDAO members hold nrGIV and use an Aragon DAO deployment to create and vote on proposals using simple Yes/No voting mechanics. Anyone can make a proposal, but only nrGIV holders can vote. Proposals will remain open for voting for 5 days and must adhere to the Quorum and Support Required percentages or else it will fail. In order to get nrGIV you must be a regular contributor to Giveth for at least 3 months. Lean how to become a contributor (and get rGIV) in our Giveth Basics document.

This means if you were already an active contributor as of July 1st, 2023 :calendar: then you could be eligible for nrGIV. To clarify, we can usually refer to praise data on our Discord and role proposals to identify regular contributors. :pray: :mag:

Our DAO doesn’t allow users without nrGIV tokens to make votes. If this is your first time asking for nrGIV you’ll need to ask a current token holder to make a request for you on your behalf! :raised_hand:

:point_right: nrGIV minting requests for this quarter will no longer be accepted 1 month from the first proposal going up for this round.

If you’re not sure of your eligibility please ask before creating a DAO vote - for reference here is a spreadsheet of past recipients:

Entries marked eligible meant the contributor was eligible but didn’t ask for tokens in the eligiblity window, contributors cannot retroactively claim nrGIV.

To request tokens you’ll need to do so from the DAO’s Tokens App:

Watch this loom video for a tutorial on how to create a nrGIV token request on the DAO

Remember: 233 nrGIV tokens for this round.

please any questions from current contributors please reach out either on this forum post, in the dao channel or to me via Discord.

Once you have made your vote requesting nrGIV tokens add a link to your vote via a comment on this forum post! :speech_balloon:

nrGIV minting requests for this quarter will no longer be accepted 1 month from the first proposal going up for this round.

You will not be able to claim your tokens from this round or a previous round at a later period, don’t miss the boat. :rotating_light: :speedboat:


First one up, vote for me pretty please with sugar on top!

Aragon (blossom.software)


Sparkle some votes on me too, please! :slight_smile:

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Hey Folks! We will be migrating nrGIV to an Optimism Aragon DAO going forward (including this round)

Locking this post until we have a link for the new DAO from @Griff

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Ok! We are live on Optimism!

Here is the link to the new new rGIV DAO… that we can just call rGIV :smiley:



Ok so to get your rGIV this round!

Step 1: Switch your network to Optimism!

Step 2: Go to Aragon

Step 2.5: Double check you have the number of tokens you expect to have!

Step 3: Click the blue button in the right hand corner that says “Add Tokens”

Step 4: Put in your address and request to add 233 tokens and click “Add Tokens”

Step 5: Confirm the metamask pop up

Step 6: Navigate to the voting tab linked below and get the link for your vote and post it here on the forum! Aragon

Note, I sent everyone $1 of ETH on Optimism so you all have gas money ;-D


Here is my vote for 233 rGIV


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What if I’m not sure how much tokens I’m supposed to have? :smiley:
I’m seeing 375 now but I’m not sure if that’s how much I should have, can someone confirm that for me?

Oh, that was you sending some dust on OP, thank you Santa!

I created my Vote but it doesn’t show on the voting section.
This was the tx for creating tokens.

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Ah looks like it doesn’t show all the information like the gnosis chain one - just shows as no description…

That’s not great.

Here’s mine! vote for meeee


@mitch do you have the cheat code to import everyone’s name to their wallets in this new OP Aragon, like you provided us for Gnosis?

I think this is mine, I hope…please drop me some nrGIV love

Aragon (blossom.software)

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Now what?

I’ve created a vote for 233 tokens but not sure which one is mine.
Please vote for me :sweat_smile:


You entered wrong, first in input is ethereum address and the second one is number of tokens

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Please vote for me

What and idiot I am :smiley:

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