Q4 2023 rGIV Distribution!

It’s that time again!

We’re distributing another round of rGIV tokens for regular contributors.

You can acces the rGIV DAO on Optimism here: https://optimism.aragon.blossom.software/#/rgiv/ :computer:

:thinking: *If you’re having issues loading the DAO, please be patient, it is slow and I apologize. However if it is really stuck and not loading at all please DM me!

For this round, each current contributor will be requesting to mint up to 377 nrGIV tokens. If you’re not sure of your eligibility, please refer to this excerpt from our Governance Process:

rGIV Token Holder

This is a form of executive council held for trusted Giveth contributors. rDAO members hold rGIV and use an Aragon DAO deployment to create and vote on proposals using simple Yes/No voting mechanics. Anyone can make a proposal, but only rGIV holders can vote. Proposals will remain open for voting for 5 days and must adhere to the Quorum and Support Required percentages or else it will fail. **In order to get rGIV you must be a regular contributor to Giveth for at least 3 months.

This means if you were already an active contributor as of October 1st, 2023 :calendar: then you could be eligible for rGIV. To clarify, we can usually refer to praise data on our Discord and role proposals to identify regular contributors. :pray: :mag:

Our DAO doesn’t allow users without rGIV tokens to make votes. If this is your first time asking for rGIV you’ll need to ask a current token holder to make a request for you on your behalf! :raised_hand:

:point_right: rGIV minting requests for this quarter will no longer be accepted 1 month from the first proposal going up for this round.

If you’re not sure of your eligibility please ask before creating a DAO vote - for reference here is a spreadsheet of past recipients:

Entries marked eligible meant the contributor was eligible but didn’t ask for tokens in the eligibility window, contributors cannot retroactively claim rGIV.

To request tokens you’ll need to do so from the DAO’s Tokens App:

Watch this loom video for a tutorial on how to create a rGIV token request on the DAO

Remember: 377 rGIV tokens for this round.

please any questions from current contributors please reach out either on this forum post, in the dao channel or to me via Discord.

Once you have made your vote requesting rGIV tokens add a link to your vote via a comment on this forum post! :speech_balloon:

rGIV minting requests for this quarter will no longer be accepted 1 month from the first proposal going up for this round.

You will not be able to claim your tokens from this round or a previous round at a later period, don’t miss the boat. :rotating_light: :speedboat:

Should we add rGIV tokens to Snapshot? :zap:

Reflecting on this latest distribution - we currently don’t use rGIV for anything!

It was used once upon a time for these things:

  • Sending GIVback and $nice distributions on Gnosis Chain (Moved to GIVbacks DAO)
  • Allocating vesting distributions (Done through multisig)
  • Approving monthly compensation reimbursements in GIV (Gnosis nrGIV DAO broke)

A simple way to add some utility back to rGIV is to have it’s balance calculated along side GIV holdings for your voting power in the Giveth snapshot Snapshot

Given that rGIV tokens aren’t distributed in the same volume of GIV tokens we would also need to scale up it’s impact - I would suggest multiplying its voting power by a factor of at least 100 - 300x

That would mean if you hold 500 rGIV tokens you would have between 50k - 150k more voting power in snapshot.

Open for more debate on this one, WDYT?

Add rGIV to Snapshot?

  • Yes! 100x its voting power
  • Yes! 200x its voting power
  • Yes! 300x its voting power
  • Yes! but we should do something else
  • No
  • Abstain

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Wow, lucky number 42! Plz vote for me: https://optimism.aragon.blossom.software/#/rgiv/0x387a2e9169899adda159a170161dc8589c326016/vote/42/


The weird/cool think about rGIV… is that they are distributed according to the Fibonacci sequence… so each distibution round, the amount you might get goes up quite a lot…

I feel like doing a straight 200x or 300x multiple of rGIV and having this as a “rule” in snapshot isn’t quite the right way to math it fairly… we would need to come back in some time are readjust the multiple so it doesn’t overpower GIV holders, you know?

Because the thing about rGIV is that it goes to contributors… a Giveth fan who doesn’t work for Giveth, can get GIV from having money (buying it/donating/staking a bunch)… or from praise… but yeah, there is some complexity to it…

I don’t want the DAO to become too plutocratic (by favouring too much people with big $), or too stacked in favour of contributors.

What maybe we can scale up the impact of rGIV instead by some factor like sqrt(rGIV amount) * y ? or something that tried to mathematically scale down the increasing tokens per quarter thing… without requiring us to jump into snapshot and adjust a lot?


Yep, thats a great point! I am working on the replacement system for this rGIV distribution mechanism (very close to hitting the forum) - In this system we give out a flat amount of reputation per distribution

Each distribution that flat amount increases by a given percentage (augmentation factor) so gradually more reputation is given out in total, but not to the crazy amount that the fibonacci sequence will give out.


Augmentation factor: 5%

distro amount
1 1000
2 1050
3 1102.5
4 1157.625
5 1215.50625

We also have the option to reduce the scaling factor in snapshot as well as the augmentation factor at any point.

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Sorry, i missed the conversation on this. what would 200x voting power do (diff that x1 or 300x?) (meanwhile i abstain, in case answer is too late for me to decide)

(for rgiv. why does the tokens increase every time, why not the same set amount every time?)
the longer your in and get more, the more you have compared to someone else anyway.
( main diff i would see, is that an early voter would lose their vote …power faster is all)

W00t… I like the concept for rGIV having the added utility, and also appreciate that it gives contributors further recognition by raising their voice in Snapshot… and see that @karmaticacid is looking out as always around the economic engineering, Looking forward to the proposal from @mitch on the distribution mechanism :givpower:

Also, note to those in danger of missing quorum on their rGIV requests, what with the votes expiring on a Sunday night - might want to time the posting in the future so that it runs over into Monday / Tuesday, where we can rally voters to get them passed :wink:

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Hey everyone a few votes failed from lack of Quorum - for @Giantkin @aabugosh and @Danibelle

I’ve recreated respectively, the votes here:




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