Request for reimbursement - PFP launch, treasury management & misc

Hi there! I am requesting reimbursement for gas fees paid out of pocket for various tasks done for Giveth including:

  • The PFP collection deployment & launch management.
  • Performing the Giveth treasury management in December, 2022.
  • Securing our Aragon OSx DAO ENS subdomain.

If you’re unfamiliar with the treasury management proposal, it was this one here:

This is the address I used exclusively for doing Treasury Management and managing the PFP collection.

and also the tx made from divinecomedian.eth to snag our Aragon OSx Giveth DAO & subdomain

I compiled all of the applicable transactions into this sheet:

In the tab Giveth Handler I marked a few rows in red - those are transactions I considered ineligible. Namely some transactions I made by mistake during the PFP launch, minting myself as Giver (from finishing 7 Impact Quests), as well as snagging the mastergiver.eth ENS name for the PFP collection creator address. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have subtracted those from the total, giving a grand tally of 0.3424814594 ETH, paid in gas out of my pocket, for reimbursement.


0.3424814594 ETH from the giv.eth multisig on mainnet, paid to divinecomedian.eth

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Thanks @mitch for taking on these out-of-pocket expenses to make things flow smoothly for PFP, treasury management & beyond!

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Thanks for all the positive votes! Multisig is up and pending:

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