Revamping The projects experience for project owners

This forum is a complementary post for this proposal → Improving single project screen

In this forum post, we want to share some exciting improvements to the project detail view for project owners.

Currently, when project owners access their project detail screen, they see a view that is almost identical to the public view. However, we realize that there is a lot of important information that project owners need to see, such as project status, listing status, and verification status. We’ve also received feedback about the user experience of writing a new update.

Additionally, we have recognized that there has been a lack of communication with project owners about how their project is performing. Previously, there was no complete overview of the project, which caused confusion and frustration for some users.

We have also received feedback regarding the user experience of writing a new update, which has caused frustration for some users.

To address these issues, we’re not just adding new features to the current layout. Instead, we’re creating a better structure and improving the user experience for project owners.

Showing all project status

In the redesigned layout, we aimed to consolidate all the different project statuses into one space, making it easier for project owners to stay up-to-date on their project’s status. Our goal was to enhance the user experience and provide project owners with a clear understanding of their project’s status.

Project Overview

We’re excited to announce the upcoming launch of our new project overview tab! This new feature is designed to give project owners a complete view of their project’s performance. With this tab, project owners can easily access all the information they need, including the amount of donations they’ve received, their Givpower ranking, number of likes, views, and much more.

Additionally, project owners can view all the wallet addresses associated with their project, as well as the categories and locations where their project is being presented. They can also see if their project is part of any Giveth campaigns and if their project updates are featured on the Giveth homepage.

We believe that this new tab will significantly enhance the user experience for project owners and help them stay up-to-date on the performance of their projects.

Improved update tab for project owners

Keeping project details up-to-date is essential for project owners to maintain a strong connection with their donors. By providing regular updates on their projects, owners can show donors how their donations are being utilized and keep their projects relevant for potential donors.

We understand that writing updates can sometimes be a daunting task, which is why we strive to create an improved user experience for project owners to encourage them to share more information about their projects.

Here is the new and improved user experience to write a new update:

When project owners want to write a project update, they can simply click on the Write a new update button. This will take them to a new standalone page specifically designed for writing updates, without any distracting elements that may interfere with the writing process.

Replying to project update comments

When it comes to replying to comments on project updates, only project owners have that ability!

We’ve made it as easy as possible for them to do so by adding a “Reply to comment” button. This allows project owners to easily write their response to donor comments.

Additionally, project owners have the ability to delete any inappropriate comments made on their project updates.

Our goal is to help project owners receive more attention and donations for their projects by providing them with the necessary tools to keep their donors engaged and informed. So, we always encourage project owners to write regular updates, and we’re committed to supporting them every step of the way.

Project preview for project owners

We have also added a feature to make it easier for project owners to preview their projects.

By simply clicking on the Go to public view button, owners can easily enable the project preview and see how their project appears to donors.
This allows them to identify and fix any possible mistakes or issues.


The team welcomes feedback and thoughts on how to further improve these features.

Let us know your thoughts and suggestions for improving these features. We value your feedback and are committed to enhancing the user experience for project owners.


I LOVE this! These edits and additions are so well thought out and looks like an amazing batch of great features for products.

For the About tab on the content area - would it be possible to customize it at all?

Could users have just three or even two tabs instead of four, or maybe even five? Could they be able to rename the tabs themselves? I see three templates - Text, Gallery and Connect, what if they can have any combination in nearly any quantity on their page.

I think this would allow projects to customize each project page to their specific needs without too much complexity. It allows them to divide information however they wish.

I also wanted to bring another dynamic into the discussion as well. The idea of enabling these features for users who deposit GIV tokens, creating a sort of freemium model going into the future.

We can totally separate these out as separate issues but something I want to put in front of everyone regarding this feature.


I agree it adds a lot of value to projects as a way to give feedback and interact with their donors.

Regarding the “freemium” model. I like the idea of keeping the service free with basic functionality and adding additional features for specific “cost” be it staking or any other way.
I see NFTs as “pro” feature, offering projects a way to create “donation levels” similar to what Patreon does, and linking those donor levels to premium content.

I have received some user feedback from project owners that could serve useful during the overhaul.

While we are currently pushing project owners to be more active in adding updates - Implementing mandatory quarterly updates for Verified project owners. Some users have said that the updates aren’t visible enough… that they updates should be more visible to warrant adding more updates. If they go through the trouble of adding the updates it should encourage more visitors to their page.

One case: I asked the user why they edit the description of their project every time they add an update. The project wouldnt need to be reviewed every time they updated if they werent editing the description. Their answer was that they didnt think people clicked on the updates section on their project page and they wanted to make sure that people saw the updates they were adding. He even went as far as sending in a few videos explaining his point of view. He also explained a few other things that could be improved about the project pages.
I have added the videos here:

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I will echo these sentiments. Updates are not very visible/noticeable, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to subscribe to updates outside visiting your profile. Allowing users to opt-in to email updates (or some sort of weekly digest for all projects) would be a way to make updates feel more impactful. I also agree with most of the sentiments around the existing UI (but realize this proposal is all about improving that). Is there any early access to the new project interface available so project owners can start to provide feedback on the new UI?

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Leaving some feedback here that was left in the Discord server:

Projects would love for there to be a way to communicate with donors and they sent this as an example of what they would like to see.

This also ties into the Project Discussions issue that is currently on the roadmap:

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I also got some feedback from projects.

They are interested in talking with their donors. Maybe this can be functionality to add to Giveth Pro & also donors may want to opt-out from those comms.