GivConnect Planning Part II

Hey ya’ll, here’s a forum post to answer your questions :slight_smile:

Our GivConnect Schedule

November 6th - Everyone arrives!
November 7th -10th - Unconference and team gatherings
November 11th - Team outing!
November 12th - Day off to recover from so much socialization and stimulation
November 13th - Devconnect week begins! Contributors are encouraged to co-work during the day and attend events that are relevant to their field of expertise.
November 17th - 19th - EthGlobal hackathon! Everyone is encouraged to hack - it’s a fun experience, deep inside hacker culture, plus there’s some big prizes to win! The deadline to apply is November 1st. Apply for EthGlobal here.
November 20th - We all say farewell :wave:

Our Accommodation Info

Venue Location: Classy Suites Taksim (Yep, you read it right, we are some classy people!)
Website: 18
Address: İnönü, Elmadağ Cd. No: 44-50, 34381 Şişli/İstanbul, Türkiye

Flight Reimbursements

Full-time contributors who have passed their trial period are eligible for 80% reimbursement.
Part-time contributors who have passed their trial period are eligible for 50% reimbursement.
*Part-time = must have worked at least 75 hours a month for the past 3 months.
*If you are limited or blocked by the money factor, we can offer you an interest free loan to purchase your flight. Contact Freshelle, and she’ll help you.

Other Flight and Transit Questions

  • Save your flight receipts, submit your expenses in Clockify (video guide here), and we’ll process reimbursements most likely at the beginning of December.
  • Plus 1s and family members are not eligible for flight reimbursement. They are solely responsible for paying their own flight.
  • Only flight expenses will be reimbursed.
  • We recommend this airport shuttle service to arrive at the hotel.
  • Local transit costs like Ubers and metro rides will not be reimbursed.

Accommodation Questions

  • Please, please with a cherry on top, fill out and update this form
  • Accommodation is provided for you from November 6th - 20th. You don’t have to pay, Giveth is picking up the bill.
  • Your Plus 1s and family members are also eligible for accommodation paid by Giveth.

Meals and Food

  • Group meals during the retreat (Nov 6-11th) are provided by Giveth at our hotel.
  • Only breakfast will be provided by Giveth at our hotel (Nov 12th-20th).
  • There are kitchens in our suites, so you can make your meals and snacks there.
  • Solo meals, groceries, and other personal expenses are not covered.

E- Visa Requirements

Don’t forget to apply and pay for your e-visa before you travel. The e-visa fee is around $51.50 per person. (Cost depends on your passport).

GivConnect Swag

How cool would it be if we all got GivConnect hoodies to celebrate our time together? Fill out this form to tell us your size.

Important Telegram Groups to Join

  • GivConnect Istanbul - click here
  • DevConnect - @efdevconnect

See you all there :metal:


Some great questions have already come up like, “Why doesn’t Giveth reimburse 100% of the flight cost?”

To answer: Flights are not 100% reimbursed to discourage people from buying the most expensive flights. We also found in the past, that when we paid for all of the flight cost, some people wouldn’t show up. Now, we have higher rates of people attending when they are responsible for paying a portion.


Hi hi! Also please fill out this swag form if you are coming so I know your size! GivConnect Swag


You can start submitting flight receipts! Just follow the instructions :point_right:t4:here :point_left:t4: on how to add flight expenses in Clockify.


Great post and thanks for elaborating and thinking of everything.

One item I would like to discuss is maybe a transport stipend for airport to hotel, as again think this retreat is more of a “we want you to come and meet / work with your fellow contributors” and not the same as an elective event, like ETH Denver etc. Just a thought…

I looked for affordable airport to hotel transit options and the service I found above charges $3.60 one way.


Oh great than that’s not much so I think the community is probably pretty cool with covering the $7 RT for the bus :blush: so no real concerns about high prices then, as I know the IST and SAW airports are 45 mins by car from Taksim.

But what about VISA reimbursement, assuming this one is a no-brainer and has to be covered, as we have a large portion of contributors needing them and they aren’t $7. @Griff you are good with this one right? right? :pray:


Here’s the best list I could find of Turkey e-visa fees. It looks like the fees vary by country. Turkey Visa Application Fees | Turkey Visa Fee | Apply Online for Turkey Visa

This means, they are eligible for the whole two weeks? or only for the first week?

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Hey Mo! Plus 1s and family members are eligible for both (2) weeks of accommodation :slight_smile:

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Does anyone know if Spaniards do need e-visa? All I see online is we do not need to apply

The flight reimbursements are round trip :slight_smile:

I think we should also subsidize trial period people personally. If we hired them we should bring them in!


To clarify “Plus 1” means significant other, not a friend or someone else.

This is a WORK retreat (Yes, getting aggressive with the capitalization). We’ll capitalize on the rare IRL time we’ll have together to hack on all the Giveth Galaxy projects we are working on. Significant others and family members will be responsible for entertaining themselves during the day. (Someone correct me if I’m wrong, please).


OK this is interesting and gets into nuances that weren’t a big deal at first but now come under closer scrutiny as we add more people and their "significant other"s which starts to affect room allocations and thusly, budget.

We are assuming a lot of people will be working much of the time, either in our scheduled together time or in unscheduled time. This leaves “others” with free time to entertain themselves, yes.

  • Your other, regardless of their significance, is invited to join in on many activities with the group, most notably the funconferencing and connection shenanigans after breakfast each day!

  • And too, there will be several time blocks limited to contributor participation.

  • What I will call out is that it would be regrettable to spend time with your other that could be passed in connection with Giveth - Magic - Galaxy collaborators. That’s what it’s all about!!

From an accommodation reservation perspective:

  • Couples that require a room with a double bed - these are in limited supply, and I’ll have to add more suites to our block now as most rooms are single beds with double and triple occupancy.

  • Some people bringing a “plus one” asked for 2 single beds - I did not make assumptions about the nature of relationships and gave people the room and bed assignments based on feedback in the form in previous forum post (and again above).

  • If you have a “friend” joining you, we have some flexibility as every suite has a sofa bed (or 2), and only a few of these have been assigned to people who specifically said it was ok.

If you didn’t fill out this form - you will be on an unassigned sofa bed! :couch_and_lamp:

IF you filled out the form more than once, I delete your older response and replace with the newest information. :ballot_box_with_check:


I don’t know if we should allow friends. That seems to open the door for more accommodation needs, and thus increases our budget. If friends are brought, that’s 14 nights x $32 = $448 per friend. That will add up quickly and doubles our budget. If this was an option, I would had invited by BFF hypothetically. I’m also concerned about distractions, this is a team retreat, focused on unconferencing, buidling, and hacking IMO.


Most everyone is locked in at this point as single traveler or couple with an edge case or 3.

I’d prefer not having to ask that the nature of a partner / relationship be defined at this point; can we set an accommodation cap with final deadline for confirmation?

We’re almost at 60 now with the new hires added, and need to finalize our room count by Monday 23rd (2 weeks prior to arrival).

Then anyone else can arrange with the hotel directly?

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Sharing transparently, as we do love to make and share food - know your allergies, keep each other alive!

:peanuts: :fish: :avocado:

Griff Seafood (avoid corn, wheat, rice)
Almond dairy, pork (avoid fried foods)
Franco Seafood
Surbhi eggs, dairy products, wheat, rice
Jake raw nuts
Brichis avocados
Tosin Seafood, dairy
Mayeli peanuts, shrimp, watermelon
Lauren gluten, dairy, pork, pineapple, eggplant
Pedro is vegan
Guil no meat
Suga no meat
Ahmad Eats Halal (no pig)
Maryam Eats Halal (no pig)
Hossein Eats Halal (no pig)
Ramin Eats Halal (no pig)
Ayaz Eats Halal (no pig)

PLEASE REPLY WITH UPDATES / EDITS as I’m sure we are missing some people’s needs - do your significant others eat the same as you or have allergies too, for example!


Agree, would rather have VISA cost’s covered than cover friends accommodation costs plus this is still a work trip as mentioned earlier, and reason I’ve decided not to bring my family.


Thanks @Danibelle for confirming in the call today that Visa fee costs are covered. Def really shows our drive to have everyone there together and being a true galaxy retreat :two_hearts: