The Givers PFP collection - Initial sketches

Thanks for the update! Here’s a link to your latest GIVgarden proposal for anyone else curious:

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Chiming in here, I was going through the PFP Giveth project and Im curious to know a bit more about this drop, specially because as many of you know trends happening around Web3 change very fast, and launching PFP collections to raise funds is not a very successful strategy anymore.
Im seeing that the designs are pretty much done, and the collection is almost ready, but as big NFT collections are less and less trendy/engaging in the space, I think this will need a stronger /more solid strategy in order to gain traction.

The use cases I’ve recently seen in the DAO ecosystem regarding PFPs have specific objectives, basically reputation token which unlock benefits/roles.

Ex: DreamDAO Champions need to have a Skywalker Z to make this role official, and actually the floor price is not bad o.66 Eth aprox.
DoinGud is launching an NFT collection which grant membership access to other DAOs, with different tiers…
As you can see these have a clear use/strategy behind, Giveth has already reputation tokens, but I think theres a lot of creativity we can put behind this collection.

Maybe this strategy is already in place and I didnt found it , could share any strategy resource available @santigs ?


A low hanging fruit would be to revive the idea of GIVbonds.

Users can buy the PFP and with it comes a GIVstream equal to less than what they paid for the PFP.

i.e Givers can buy the PFP for 200 DAI - When they buy it we assign them a GIVstream for 100 DAI worth of GIV at spot price.

These people effectively become incentivized to hodl, potentially gaining more than they paid as the price of GIV matures, unlocking slowly with the GIVstream, and they get a sweet PFP to boot!

Giveth gains a fat cut of instant profit on each sale and offers a long-term speculation opportunity along with potential resale value to first buyers.


Yeah, that’s a great economic incentive . Wondering if we could add some social value as well?

Maybe holders can earn a Giveth role that grant access to some special Discord channel (W other holders/opportunities). Maybe can be a $nice Discord channel and plus the GIVstream idea holders could get some $nice that can be use for Giveth swag.

Open for a further brainstorm around adding some social utility, a lot of NFT collection use cases are tied to social capital, - which could trigger and promote other DAO features as $nice, swag / community building


I agree we have to use the Giveth ecosystem to find out and implement creative ways to integrate the PFP collection adding utility on top of the intrinsic value of the art. The purpose of the proposal is to have the art ready and open the discussion on ways to drop and add utility to get the most out of the collection.

It would be nice to have some brainstorming @OyeAlmond, maybe we can start to have some initial discussions in the coming weeks once the art starts getting ready.


@mitch @OyeAlmond @santigs the strategy I’ve heard working well recently, means doing a free NFT mint first (open to all) and then using that as a filter to qualify for the drop of the other paid mint which as Almond suggested (and i totally agree with :slight_smile: ) comes with real utility/ benefit.

@Griff the pooly mint was amazing and I think we can learn from it. I think it did so well because it was beyond an NFT and it was about a cause. Pool together was getting sued (big guys trying to shut it down, saying it was a lottery and should be regulated) so PT called on the community to come together and help defend defi - to fight the good fight and stand up against the big guys by buying an NFT that would help with their legal fees in court.

Let’s put our heads together to think what the proper positioning and utility for this NFT can be?

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After these round of comments, I hear we have no strategy for the drop. Agree is elemental to put this in place asap (as it’s a long process that needs the team consensus) .
Brainstorm summary to trigger the strategy creation:

:point_down:t3: needs further discuss

  • GIVstream included equal to less of the cost for each NFT

  • Unblocking exclusive Giveth Discrod role

  • $nice included for Giveth swag

  • allowlist Implementation

  • @tropicalmango is right, to tie all the benefits/utility we need to build a strong story that motivates the sell (in benefit of Giveth.)
    @santigs would be good to start weekly session with the community team @WhyldWanderer - as the most keen working group regarding community motivations.


@mitch and I were thinking that it would be cool to have the NFT drop in December as it frames the story telling we’re missing:
· Celebration of the 1 year of GIV airdrop!!! - GIVeconomy turns 1 year.
· Christmas time! :christmas_tree::gift::piñata: This is the month to give, so we could market the sell: Buy a GIVer and giveback in the giving month. GIV GIV giveee time :kissing::musical_note::notes:

Adding to the utility/benefits brainstorm that strengths the narrative :
· One part of the sell could go to the Giveth matching pool (so ppl will not only be supporting Giveth, but also projects).

This NFT sell could be added to the recent Revenue Streams, Platform Fees, and GIVfi v0.1 conversation, as part of the action plan. ***

Smth like this:
GIVeconomy turns one year and we need your support to keep building the future of giving, we’re having a PFP drop that will not only help Giveth, but also Giveth projects through the Giveth matching pool. With your purchase you will get:

wdyt? @tropicalmango @santigs


I agree dropping in December would be cool making it match the GIV airdrop anniversary.

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From the GIVeconomy Research Call:

Love this PFP thread and thought would exchange ideas with anyone that’d like to brainstorm other NFT things- Public Good NFT marketplace

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As some of you know, we have started to create the design of “The Givers” PFP collection as a way to engage with the Giveth audience. Designs have been created after the community chose a human, solarpunk character and provided lots of ideas for backgrounds and items.

As the design of the collection is progressing, myself, @OyeAlmond and @tropicalmango have started to meet regularly to discuss everything related to the launch of the collection and these are some of the initial ideas we have reached consensus on.

In the first meeting, together with other members, we’ve decided to drop the collection on Christmas Day as a way to match the date we had the GIV airdrop a year ago. Initial period for the whitelist should be just a few hours before public minting.

We reached consensus on the following collection details. Please feel free to comment, your feedback is very valuable to us:

Collection details



  • GIVpower - PFP collection narrative will be around GIVpower. To support this launch, the holders will receive x% of GIVpower (as the main attraction).


  • The holders will receive x% of $NICE. The collection will help promote $NICE, and reinforce that for xxx amount they could buy swag.

Discord role

  • Holder will have access to an exclusive Discord channel. We would love the community giving some ideas around what can be provided in this special channel.

What’s next

  • We need to create the minting page with whitelisting capabilities using Opensea metadata standard so NFTs automatically appear in Opensea once they are minted and anyone can participate in the secondary market.

  • We also need a way to implement the GIVpower multiplier and an easy way to identify owners with a bot to give them the discord role.

  • We need suggestions from the development team as per the smart contracts and design of the improvements to the dApp to include the PFP drop page as this is a key part of “feeling part of the community”.

So as you can see there is a lot of dev work we need guidance around. Will be great if we can get some guidance around the viability of this utility, especially having in mind this collection is meant to be launched in Dec 2022. It would be great to get feedback from @amin @MoeNick @markop and @Cori as well as any other members.


Thanks for the update @santigs My comments and questions below.

Can you clarify the whitelist process? Does this refer to whitelist people being able to mint before the official public minting?

I think the majority of our target audience is on Gnosis chain already, no? Why not make it cheaper?

There should be a good comms plan and messaging ready to promote these utilities to make people want to own this NFT.

I imagine this is a simple page with:

  • Wallet Connect
  • Pay/Receive information
  • Mint (Button)
  • Success / Fail / Warning information
  • CTA what to do next

Design WG has the capacity to support this.
For the dev side of the things @MoeNick and others should answer.

Also, we have a project on Giveth related to the NFT minting : ) NFTLaunchKit | Giveth

Thank you for all your comments @markop.

1.- We have already given away about 10 whitelist spots from a previous promotion at NICE token launch. We could give away additional spots as a way to promote the collection, we still have to decide if we do so and the way.

2.- We discussed this point at the initial conversations we had in one of the Giveconomy meetings. We all agreed the market is on mainnet and if we want ppl to trade the nfts in the secondary market, we want them to show in Opensea. Gnosis chain does not offer us that option right now.

  1. We will be working with comms team to promote the collection before launch.

4 Yes, a simple page with those features (plus whitelisting purchase period) is enough.

Thanks for the link, we might consider NFTLaunchKit if that covers our needs.

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This makes no sense. We could say that they get some kind of additional multiplier… This is pending a feasibility discussion.

Completely disagree that they should get $nice because of the added complication to accounting & reimbursement. @mitch @OyeAlmond & I already made that comment in the google doc previously…

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Hey @karmaticacid, thank you for your comments.

We thought the PFP collection would be a nice way to reinforce the GiVPower to the audience, but of course, it all depends on its feasibility. If it makes more sense to use the multiplier that would work too but the intention is not to add utility which creates too much dev work.

Regarding the $NICE token, we have also understood it also brings too much complication. So we will stick with the role+channel on discord and will be pending on the GIVPower multiplier decision after the dev team brings their suggestions.

The bonus multiplier will still be an effective way to reinforce the GIVpower narrative - even if the user has 1 GIV staked in the system they will still benefit from the multiplier. Effectively PFP holders will have greater maximum impact in project curation (GIVpower). I think this is still a powerful and relevant narrative!

With $nice token - I really don’t think it’s as big of an accounting mess as @karmaticacid describes - whatever gets spent in the swag store gets reimbursed, simple as that - You would need however to add at least 50 DAI to the price tag of the PFPs in order for it to make sense. If part of the goal of the PFP is to bring revenue to Giveth then perhaps this becomes more challenging.

An easier avenue to incorporate $nice is to simply allow the user to purchase the NFT with $nice tokens, adding more utility for the token itself.

Donors to Giveth get $nice tokens - they can spend it either on swag or on a cool PFP that enables bonus commuity curation powers!

Perhaps a simple staking contract - user stakes PFP and gets x bonus multiplier

For token-gating I think is the industry standard for token-gated channels

In terms of what we could offer for a token-gated channel - thinking of who would buy the PFP in the first place it would be people who want to support Giveth and people who want a bonus to GIVpower - which could be attractive to project owners and donors alike (project owners can boost their own projects).

what sort of content would interest these people? what sort of content would be feasible to deliver to this subsection of the community? we obviously don’t want to add too much overhead to our day-to-day.

What have other token-gated communities - namely social token DAOs (FWB and the like) successfully used to build hype around their gated channels?

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Thank you @mitch

The idea of giving away GIVPower through the multiplier would be great as it “pushes” PFP owners into powering up and boosting. I keep thinking about the $NICE token, it does not have too much sense to increase the PFP price $50 DAI to give away enough $NICE so they can get a swag at the Giveth e-shop but maybe we could raffle a few items to anyone who purchases the PFP, this way we control much more the amount of money given away and we do not have to increase the PFP price so much.

Concerning the content for those joining the Discord PFP owners channel, I would love to get feedback from them every once in a while introducing polls and requesting their opinion on Giveth services.

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GIVpower is a nontransferrable ERC-20 token. I think order to give the user some amount of GIVpower, we would need to upgrade the smart contracts to do that… this definitely would add some wonky dev scope w/ audits. Also, I wouldn’t want to give the user extra GIV staking rewards because they have the PFP. It makes no sense to me to PAY people to buy an NFT that’s purpose is to get more funds in to Giveth.

Based on our chat about this in today’s GIVeconomy dev call, if we wanted to add some project boosting power to a user based on if they have a PFP, it would possible to so some hack in the subgraph. @amin will elaborate with his thoughts.

It is completely NOT as simple as that. Griff is paying for all swag orders with his personal credit card - basically selling ETH for the USD value daily. Then, he eventually gets reimbursed in GIV tokens for that from the rGIV DAO - GIV tokens he never re-sells for the USD value. One big reason of creating $nice was to use some portion of the donations gained by Giveth to buy back some of that GIV from Griff.

There are multiple conversions, slippage, time delays, and it’s an accounting MESS. And the end result is not “every individual’s hands were washed clean w/ straightforward reimbursements”. Willy-nilly giving our $nice & swag is just Giveth once again leaning on daddy.

Let’s create ultility for the PFP collection that is independent of Griff’s personal finances, please.

Something simplier like this might be worthwhile.