Season 4 Roundup and Voting

All 5 Working Groups have submitted their Working Group Proposals! We will now allow for advice process and comments. The Season 4 vote will be posted on Snapshot on July 5th.

As decided on the Stewards call, June 17 the total DAO budget for Season 4 is $280,000-$300,000. :money_with_wings:

This means that as we vote on which groups to prioritize the final sum of each WG’s scope cannot exceed the budget amount above.

Here are the 5 Working Group Proposals up for debate and voting:

Voting :ballot_box:

Voting will be done in the Giveth Snapshot, we will use Weighted Voting allowing you to assign a weight to each Working Group, the higher the weight you give it, the higher priority you are voting for.

If you want to try out Weighted Voting I have made a test vote here using the same setup as the official Giveth Snapshot.

You can also see the Season 3 Vote on Snapshot here.

Compare the Proposals! :face_with_monocle:

In DAO Ops we have created a Voting Simulator spreadsheet which will allow you to compare each WGPs deliverables and metrics side by side, depending on your preferred scope for each. This simulator will also compare the budgets for each scope and let you see what combination keeps us in line with the budget. It will also recommend what weight you should give to each WG come time to vote with Weighted Voting in Snapshot.

Check out the Voting Simulator for Season 4

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The vote is up here!

I apologize for my lateness, long day of travelling yesterday.

The Season 4 vote wrapped up on Saturday!

Here are the final results:


Bad Voter Turnout

Voter turnout was disappointingly LOW

Checking out the voter list we can see only a handful of Giveth contributors actually voted…

Out of :three: :four: Giveth contributors who have received vesting in GIV tokens only :nine: actually voted on the Season 4 Snapshot vote. Voting in Governance isn’t a requirement for vesting, but clearly something isn’t working if we can’t achieve a reasonable participation rate amongst our own crew…

What can we do to make GIVernance feel accessible and engaging? I’d like to know your thoughts!

Final WG Scopes

After some review and discussion of the voting outcome among Stewards on the Stewards call today, July 15, we decided to give all WGs a madate of SUSTAIN.


This would allow all WGs to continue building a reasonable amount of improvements, keep contributors engaged and respond to the needs of our users and community on all fronts. ALSO, we would be right on the money with the budget.

Alternatively, if we considered the Dapp with a GROW scope, since it was the highest voted, our WG mandates might have looked like this to remain under budget:

Which is frankly too much Shrinking than we have appetite for! So this lead us to the former conclusion, SUSTAIN ALL. However this post will remain open for any feedbacks on the final WG scope decision.



I think sustaining all WGs is a reasonable plan. :ok_hand:t4:

I think a lot of contributors were at ETH CC or on vacation during the voting period which may have caused the low voter turn out. Otherwise, these are some of the suggestions I have on top of my mind:

  • Extend voting period for a longer time (I don’t know if this can be configured in snapshot)
  • Have voting parties during the voting period, even a 30-minute call would be okay to answer questions or discuss the importance of all of this
  • Bring up the proposal voting in the WG/Chapter weekly calls where most contributors show up. I’d like to even suggest to allocate maybe 10 minutes in the call to have a mini-hack session and vote/go through the proposals together as a WG/team
  • Request that WG/Chapter leaders personally reach out to their team members about the proposal voting in whatever form - DM, in their team calls, etc. I think it would be more convincing this way than a generic reminder we send in the contributor support group chats